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Thinking Of Disabling The New User Menu For Chrome? Here’s How To Do It

by Chrome Blog on January 14, 2015

An update has recently rolled out for Google Chrome that adds a menu on the upper right-hand side of the application. The menu is used as a profile manager for Google Chrome, allowing the profile to be linked with an Account, consequently powering data synchronization feature in Chrome.

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How To Resolve The “No Data Received” Google Chrome Error

by Chrome Blog on January 8, 2015

Every now and then, when connecting to services or websites in Chrome, you may get an error “no data received”, which prevents the website from loading. This message points to an issue with data transfer, which is not always caused on the user’s end.

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Google Chrome Blocks Local Extensions!

by Sagnik Roy on May 28, 2014

Google began wiping out local Chrome extensions and plug-ins with an aim of making it a faster and much more secure web browser. This means, as of today, only the extensions and plug-ins available in the Chrome web store can be installed. Google says they are doing this to protect users from malware. Easily accessible […]


Google Chrome KryptoKit Faux Pas

by Sagnik Roy on May 21, 2014

This morning was greeted with an uproar worldwide surrounding KryptoKit (bitcoin wallet & encrypted messaging extension) being removed from Google Chrome Extension Store. There was quite a speculation as to what the main issue was as none of the developers could provide a concrete answer. KryptoKit, which has support of some of the most prominent […]


How To Export Bookmarks From Google Chrome

by Sagnik Roy on May 16, 2014

Bookmarks saved in Google Chrome can be easily transferred to other browsers which come in very handy for users who work on different browsers and switch them very frequently. These bookmarks can also be saved as a bookmark file and shared with others on different computers. Let’s see a step by step process on how […]


How To Block Websites In Google Chrome

by Sagnik Roy on May 10, 2014

Entertainment websites or social networking sites distracting people in the work environment and hampering work efficiency is a steadily growing problem. So is underage kids gaining access to mature content websites as it is all openly accessible and for free. Google Chrome by default blocks a lot of malicious websites, but it does not block […]


Potentially Big Announcement from Google on the Cards

by S.Roy on July 23, 2013


Google Plus Photos App Now Available for Chromebook Pixel

by S.Roy on July 6, 2013

Google has launched Google+ Photos App for Chromebook Pixel, its latest range of notebooks integrated with the Chrome OS. The app connects to your Google Plus account and automatically uploads photos that it finds available on any SD card that is plugged into the Pixel notebook. The pictures can either be published in full resolution […]

After Android, Google Now Comes to Chrome Browser

by S.Roy on June 28, 2013

An ambitious project, Google Now is designed to prompt users to find information even before asking for it, such as scores for a soccer match or directions for a nearest restaurant. Android users are quite acquainted with the service but it is for the first time that Google Now will be coming to the Chrome […]

Google Chrome Flash Vulnerability Makes Webcams Vulnerable

by S.Roy on June 19, 2013

Security researchers have detected a Flash-based vulnerability in the Google Chrome browser that lets hackers take control of microphones and webcams through click-jacking. And that can be done in a way smooth enough not to arouse any suspicion in you.

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