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Google Extends Lifespan Of Chrome OS Devices By A Year!

by Sagnik Roy on May 19, 2014

Google has recently promised a software support on Chrome OS devices for at least 5 years after their release – which is an extra added year to what they had previously committed. “EOL [end-of-life] dates … will be at least a minimum of 5 years from launch of hardware” – commented Google, on an updated […]

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HP Chromebook 11 (Generation 2) To Be Launched Soon!

by Sagnik Roy on May 16, 2014

HP seems to be gearing up for the launch of their newer version of the Chromebook 11. Hewlett-Packard first launched its Chromebook 11 last year which was a success because of its minimal features and a Chrome OS which was completely based on a browser. Talks about the newer version being launched have been going […]

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by Sagnik Roy on May 15, 2014

A new phishing attack which threatens to steal Google accounts password is targeting Gmail users, particularly the ones who use Google Chrome browser – said security experts from Bitdefender. Google Chrome does not display the entire URL of a webpage in its address bar which is the main reason why more users are falling prey […]

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New Tab Page for Chrome Comes with Search Bar Front and Center

by S.Roy on September 25, 2013

Google has announced that it is bringing out a New Tab page, featuring a search bar front and centre, for the Chrome browser. Users would also be able to access current Google Doodles without having to navigate to the Google home page first. essay order

Google Planning to Drop Most Browser Plugins in 2014

by S.Roy on September 24, 2013

While some saw it, most could not foresee it probably. So it would come as a general shock as Google announces withdrawing support for almost all browser plug-ins (not extensions). The execution begins with the dropping of the popular Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) plug-in in the Chrome browser.

Snapspeed Integration in Google Chrome Shows Glimpse of Futuristic Web Technology

by S.Roy on September 23, 2013

The snapspeed integration in Google Chrome is likely to help the browser continue to develop as a platform with its own apps. The tools work offline although users can access them with the aid of the browser.


Latest Chrome OS Version to Come With New System Sounds

by S.Roy on September 21, 2013

The dev version of Chrome OS has been added with new system sounds. This means users of the latest Chrome OS version would hear specific jingles during system actions, such as starting up, shutting down, locking or unlocking their computers.

Google Explores New Ways to Help Advertisers Track Users

by S.Roy on September 20, 2013

With the use of third party cookies soon to face extinction, Google is trying to find new ways to help advertisers track users of its fast-growing browser – Google Chrome.

New Haswell Chromebooks Promise Day-Long Battery Life of Yore

by S.Roy on September 19, 2013

The new Chromebook Pixel notebooks, powered by Haswell chips (4th generation of Intel processors), promise all-day long battery life – undoubtedly a piece of good news for long time Chromebook users.

Google Chromecast Gets a Rival in Sony Bravia Smart Stick

by S.Roy on September 18, 2013

Since the launch of Google Chromecast in July, it was expected that Sony would push a similar device. And the Bravia Smart Stick dongle, powered by Android, has made the guesses come true.

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