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Google Chrome 15 Features – Pros and Cons

by Abhinab Choudhury on October 31, 2011

Similar to its previous versions, Chrome 15 doesn’t add much to the visual interface which a uses eye can easily catch. But it does comes up with major changes to the core bugs and functionalities which include: Better memory management and faster page load. The only thing which I have heard users complaining about Chrome […]


Android OS and Chrome OS: What is the difference?

by arupchou on December 6, 2010

Google’s two most ambitious OS, Android and Chrome (yet to be launched) have created many ripples in the market. Both these OS boasts of exquisite features which aim to enrich experience of users using smartphones or netbooks. While, Android based smartphones are finding huge favors among buyers, Chrome OS has already created much enthusiasm among […]


Latest Google Chrome Portable – USB Version

by Chrome Blog on December 13, 2008

I found the latest Google Chrome Portable Version, with which you can run Google Chrome without installing it. It would helpful if you are working on multiple computers and want to use Google Chrome as your browser but dont want to go through the entire installation. You can run it right off the USB without […]


Google Vs Microsoft = Chrome

by Chrome Blog on October 28, 2008

Many people are speculating Google Chrome will become more than just a Web Browser as it evolves, and become more of an “Operating System” so when a comment was left on ChromePlugins.org with a link to an Illustration by Federico Fieni i couldn’t help but chuckle at the humor and wit of his work. Published […]


Chrome Blocked by Google

by Chrome Blog on October 17, 2008

I was contacted by someone today who informed me that Google Chrome is blocked in a number of counties. It appears Chrome is not only blocked from download from these locations, but also will not run if it’s used from this IP space even if downloaded by proxy. Google had this to say: “In accordance […]


Chromon – Chrome + Simon = Game

by Chrome Blog on October 2, 2008

As most people are aware, the Google Chrome logo is very similar to a number of other brands and images and in particular the Simon Game by Milton Bradley. So the most obvious thing to do? Hit Play of course! Thanks for the laugh Roman Cortes, Mr. Doob and Supersole.


Chrome Memory Exhaustion DoS Vulnerability

by Chrome Blog on September 27, 2008

AdityaK Sood, from the EvilFingers community who disclosed the first Chrome DoS vulnerability at the beginning of the month, has released a proof of concept demonstrating a memory exhaustion DoS vulnerability affecting Google Chrome versions and He went on to state: “The Google chrome browser is vulnerable to memory exhaustion based denial of […]


Search Selected Text with Google Chrome

by Chrome Blog on September 16, 2008

One Firefox addon i used quite often was a Context Search and what this done was added a selection of Search Engines and useful sites that would enable you to highlight text or a domain on a webpage then launch a search for the selected text on the chosen website. It was a great time […]


Large Hadron Collider

by Chrome Blog on September 10, 2008

What has the Large Hadron Collider got to do with Chrome? Well not much besides today Google’s logo features something called the Large Hadron Collider. Not knowing what the heck a Hadron Collider is i checked around and it’s the worlds largest Particle Generator and is up near the French/Swiss border outside of Geneva. The […]


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