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Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

Tips To Update Your Google Chrome Extensions Manually

by Chrome Blog on February 21, 2015

Most internet users around the globe prefer Google Chrome to other web browsers because not only it updates automatically, but it also allows you to use great extensions that improve upon the functionality of your browser. Just like the Chrome browser, its extensions update themselves without requiring you to restart your browser.


How to Turn off Audio in Google Chrome’s Noisy Tabs

by Chrome Blog on February 5, 2015

Sick and tired of auto-playing ads in your Chrome browser? Here’s how to stop the tabs from playing audio. Perhaps most users are aware that Google Chrome notifies us about the audio playing tabs with an icon. However, these same icons can be used as mute buttons to turn off the audio.


Tips To Make Your Chrome Browser Work Faster

by Chrome Blog on December 23, 2014

Is the Chrome Browser on your device getting slow? Do the websites take a long time to load? Undoubtedly, Google Chrome is a user-friendly and speedy browser with plug-ins and extensions making browsing easier. However, these additional features of Chrome can sometimes slow down its speed or may even cause it to crash. If the […]

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How To Stop Google Chrome From Sharing Data With Google

by Sagnik Roy on May 21, 2014

Google Chrome is undoubtedly one of the fastest browsers and has a horde of customizable features for users to make their browsing experience interesting and convenient. But in the process of doing so, Google Chrome is capable of and does send every kind of data entered by users back to Google. This is the main […]


Tweak To Boost Up Chrome Browser Speed in Android

by Sagnik Roy on May 15, 2014

A secret setting tweak lets Android users boost the speed of Google Chrome browser in their smart phones. By changing how much memory is being allocated to a particular app, users can improve speed of sluggish, slow-loading chrome pages and a Reddit user explains how.

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Opt out of Google & other Advert tracking cookies

by Abhinab Choudhury on March 26, 2012

If you are worried about privacy issues and tracking cookies, here comes an application which can help you get a feel safe assurance. There has been many speculations about privacy issues related to Google, specially with Chrome being the sister on the move. how to get rid of staph infection There is a basic option […]

Start Enhances Chrome's Start Tab

by arupchou on March 9, 2012

Many users might have felt the urge to customize and enhance Chrome's Start tab. They may want more than just a few Google Apps or recently opened sites to appear when they open Chrome's Start page. Well, Start is a Chrome extension which allows you to add bookmarks and many more features to Chrome's start […]

How To Setup Multiple Different E-Mail Services In Chrome?

by arupchou on February 14, 2012

Do you want to set up multiple e-mail services in Google Chrome? If yes, then Mailto: is the Chrome extension for you. Read this tutorial to know as to how you can setup multiple different email services in Chrome. Working Of The Extension Install Mailto: Chrome extension from Chrome Web Store

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Prevent Closing Multiple Tabs Through Windows Close Protector Extension

by arupchou on January 10, 2012

Sometimes when you are browsing something important, it can be very annoying if you accidently close all tabs at once.  But Windows Close Protector is one such Chrome extension which protects you against accidently closing of multiple tabs as this extension adds a warning dialogue to confirm whether you really want to close all tabs […]

Changing Default Fonts In Google Chrome

by arupchou on December 5, 2011

Many a time users might require changing their default fonts in a browser or increasing its size in order to better view it. There is a very simple way to do it. In this article we will tell you the ways as to how you can change the default font size in Google Chrome.


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