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Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

Restoration Of The Old “New Tab” Page In Chrome 15

by arupchou on November 14, 2011

Recently we reviewed the stable version of Google Chrome 15 and about its various features. One of the main features in Chrome 15 in the “New Tab” Page, which has been redesigned to emphasize web applications. But some of our readers found this feature a bit odd, as this does not allow them to pin […]


How To Use New Tab Page Feature In Google Chrome?

by arupchou on September 26, 2011

Chrome 15 Beta has already started to create a buzz in the tech world as this version of Google’s browser boasts of a feature known as “New Tab Page“. The feature makes it easier to manage bookmarks, apps and the most visited sites. In this article, we will tell you as to how you can […]

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Steps To Change Default Search Engine In Chrome

by arupchou on August 20, 2011

Today I felt like doing something different. Every day when I browse the internet using Chrome, Google is the default search engine. I wanted to change my default search engine to something else. I know it sounds a bit scary since Google is the most widely used search engine. But i thought of experimenting thinking […]


Stream Facebook/Twitter Feeds In Google Plus Using Chrome Extension

by arupchou on August 6, 2011

Google+ is the latest entrant in social networking arena. Google+ looks forward to challenge the dominance of Facebook and Twitter in the social networking arena. Now what if you are surfing Google+, and want to know what is happening in your Facebook and Twitter account. Well, do not worry.  SG Plus extension for Chrome will […]


How To Block Images From Particular Websites In Google Chrome

by arupchou on August 5, 2011

Yesterday I opened a website and faced difficulty in reading the text as large images kept on scrolling by it. It was a great pain for me to go through the text as the images kept in flashing. But i learnt that Google Chrome offers ways as to how i can block individual sites flashing […]


Useful Chrome Tools For Online Marketing

by arupchou on July 25, 2011

Marketing of product and services has always been the core concept of any business enterprise. It is through marketing that people get to know about the products of a company and whether the product is useful for them. But very often companies’ especially small ones cannot undertake marketing beyond a certain destination because of huge […]

Steps To Create Shortcuts In Chrome

by arupchou on July 23, 2011

Shortcuts are always useful as they save much of time and energy. While many people are familiar with desktop shortcuts, there are ways as to how you can create shortcuts in your Chrome browser for the sites your visit frequently and the apps you use regularly. In this article we will present you a step […]


by Abhinab Choudhury on May 19, 2011

Before we start how to sync, we should know what sync really is and what are its uses and advantages. After Google introduced Chrome into the market, they have been constantly trying to bind up almost all its features so that an interoperable hassle free user experience is achieved. Let us see how it can […]

Print Preview In Google Chrome

by Chrome Blog on March 16, 2010

Yesterday i wanted to take a very important print out of an online document for my research and found out there was no way to do a ‘Print Preview’ in Google Chrome. After searching for a while i came to a forum post by StevePaul here at ChromePlugins.org, who had posted a work around for […]


Show Extension Toolstrip At The Top Of The Chrome Browser Window

by Chrome Blog on October 11, 2009

I was getting a few inquiries from various users of Google Chrome that they do not like to see the “Toolstrip” at the bottom on the Google Chrome browser window. Many of them complained that it makes the window look divided. One of our members at the forum,pjfla, posted about a command line which can […]


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