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After Android, Google Now Comes to Chrome Browser

by S.Roy on June 28, 2013

An ambitious project, Google Now is designed to prompt users to find information even before asking for it, such as scores for a soccer match or directions for a nearest restaurant. Android users are quite acquainted with the service but it is for the first time that Google Now will be coming to the Chrome browser as well. In Chrome, the service can – among other things – provide users with information about the TV shows they are watching and sales offers they are interested in.

The developers at Google are steadily loading Google Now with new notification channels and the latest to join are Google Offers and TV Cards. Users can be reminded of the offers they have saved when they are close to a store – exactly when they need the most. For those having a TV with internet connection, Google Now can provide important information about the shows they watch – such as actors in the show, how many awards it has won, IMDB/Rotten Tomatoes ratings for the series and more.

Analysts, however, are already seeing a downside to the service. While the information can be great for many viewers, the notifications can be a killjoy and cause annoyance with pop-ups and phone buzzing. This can make users overlook high-priority updates amid the clutter. The good news is, Google offers Chrome users with the ability to enable or disable notifications from various web apps and that includes Google Now alerts.

In Chrome, users have to open the “about:flags” Web page, enable the Google Now feature and restart their browser for the changes to take effect.

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