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Google Plus Photos App Now Available for Chromebook Pixel

by S.Roy on July 6, 2013

Google has launched Google+ Photos App for Chromebook Pixel, its latest range of notebooks integrated with the Chrome OS.

The app connects to your Google Plus account and automatically uploads photos that it finds available on any SD card that is plugged into the Pixel notebook. The pictures can either be published in full resolution or in the standard 2048px wide format of Google – depending on the preferences of you, the user.

The browsing performance with this app is worth a mention. It is enhanced by the super high resolution display of Pixel and great touchscreen interface to skim through the images. The image viewer shows a preview of the photos, along with rotation controls, metadata with dimensions, tags and other information , ease of sharing and album creation as well as other features.

Picture of Google Plus Photos App

Picture – Google Plus Photos App

You can also view the photos you have uploaded in offline mode as they are cached automatically. You may also add pictures from your local downloads folder, any media storage device attached with your Pixel notebook and Google drive.

The app is available for Pixel through the Chromebook Pixel owner’s portal. In a Google Plus update, AJ Asver of Google has confirmed that the app will also be rolled out to Chromebooks other than Pixel – although he has not specified a timeline for when that will happen.

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