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How To Export Bookmarks From Google Chrome

by Sagnik Roy on May 16, 2014

Bookmarks saved in Google Chrome can be easily transferred to other browsers which come in very handy for users who work on different browsers and switch them very frequently. These bookmarks can also be saved as a bookmark file and shared with others on different computers. Let’s see a step by step process on how to export bookmarks from Google Chrome and accessed in a number of other browsers.

Exporting Bookmarks From Google Chrome

  • First, click on the Chrome menu button which is located at the top-right corner of the Chrome window beside the address bar. The icon is represented by three lines horizontally stacked.
    Chrome menu image
  • From the Chrome menu, we click on ‘Bookmarks’ which will open a side menu, where we click on ‘Bookmarks Manager’. This will open a new tab for Bookmarks manager in the Chrome window.
  • In this tab, we click on the Organize button located right below the search bar.
    Export bookmark image
  • From the drop down menu, we select the “Export bookmarks to HTML file”. This will open a ‘Save As’ window where users can set a name and location to save the file.

This file can be shared with others and they can easily access the bookmarks stored within by importing this file in any browser of their choice.

Importing Bookmarks To Other Browsers

There are a couple of troublesome ways to import bookmarks for each browser, but we will discuss how to import bookmarks in the easiest and most convenient way.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Start Firefox and click on the Firefox menu and then the Bookmark menu option which will open the Library window.
  • In this page, we click on the Import and Backup button and select ‘Import bookmarks from HTML’ option.
    Firefox bookmark menu image
  • A pop-up window will appear from where we have to browse to the location of the saved HTML file and select it.

This will automatically import all the saved bookmarks in the file and can be accessed from Firefox now.

Internet Explorer

  • Start Internet Explorer and press Alt button on the keyboard. This will display the menu bar.
  • Click on File and select the ‘Import and Export’ option.
    IE bookmark menu image
  • A new window will open up from where we have to select ‘Import a file’ and click the Next button.
  • In the next window we have to check the ‘Favorites’ tick-box and click on Next.
    Import IE menu image
  • We have to browse to the location of the saved HTML file in the next window, select it and click on Open.

This will import all the saved bookmarks to Internet Explorer.


  • Start Apple Safari browser and click on file from the menu bar.
    Safari bookmark menu image
  • Click on ‘Import Bookmarks’ from the drop down menu. This will pop up a window where we have to locate the saved HTML file and open it to import the bookmarks.


  • Bookmarks saved in the form of an HTML file cannot be directly accessed in Opera browser. Users will have to install the Bookmarks Manager extension first.
  • Once the Bookmarks Manager extension is installed, the icon will appear as a small ribbon shape button right next to the address bar.
    Opera menu image
  • We click that button and then click on ‘Manage and Import’. This will open a new tab for Bookmarks Manager in the browser.
  • In this tab, we first click on Import Bookmarks, and then click on ‘Choose File’.Opera bookmark image
  • This will open a new window where we have to navigate to the required location and open the saved HTML file.

This will export all the previously saved bookmarks from Google Chrome which we had saved in form of the HTML file.

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