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Google’s Data Saver Extension Launched For Chrome

by Chrome Blog on March 28, 2015

With the launch of a new extension from Google, called the Data Saver Extension, it is now possible to have a better browsing experience on Chrome. The extension makes use of Google’s servers to compress the size of webpages prior to being sent to the client’s computer. This feature helps in reducing data usage, thereby providing a simple solution to those on lousy internet plans with capped data usage.

Data saver extension image

A usual internet plan with a typical DSL connection does not give many problems for standard browsing. However, with some internet plans you need to pay extra charges once your data usage goes over the preset limit. An identical service was launched in January 2014 for mobile devices, allowing users to reduce 50 percent of their data usage. Therefore, it is expected that Data Saver will certainly match that service!

However, the extension might not be perfect. As revealed by Google, the extension will not work when browsing in the Incognito Mode or when visiting a secure page (a website starting with “https://”). After installing the extension, you can keep the service off. You can turn it on when you want to use it. To know more about the Data Saver, you can visit Google’s support page.

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1 Tim 03.30.15 at 10:04 am

It sounds like a great idea for when you’re on a connection with a data cap, like a cell phone. But It also seems like it’ll be slowing down your browsing. All the data has to go from the original server, to google, be reduced, then get sent to the end user.

If time’s an issue, this probably won’t help you any.

And it’s kind of creepy. Google is, in essence, performing a constant Man-in-the-middle attack, but with your permission.

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