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Lift Your Chrome’s Dull Look With ‘Art Project’ Extension from Google

by Chrome Blog on March 14, 2015

Chrome users browsing the internet frequently might get bored with the plain dull appearance of a new tab page. Fortunately, Google has come out with a new extension, called Google Art Project, capable of putting classical artworks into your browser’s new tab page. Installing this extension lets you see works of art by Degas, Monet, Van Gogh, and other renowned artists around the globe in every new tab page.

picture of artwork 1


If you are captivated by any of the artwork featured on your Chrome’s new tab, you can view basic information like the title and the name of the artist on the bottom left-hand side. You may also click on the description, to know more about the image on the website of Google Cultural Institute.

Though the large assortment of images changes every day, you can modify the settings to view a unique piece of painting for every newly opened tab. The camera icon appearing on the bottom right is useful in letting you find the most frequented websites that are normally kept hidden by the extension.

artwork 2 image

How to install Google Art Project

Installing the extension is quite simple. You just have to visit the Chrome web store, and then click on Add to Chrome button. This will add the extension to your Chrome browser.

installation of Google Art Project picture

Therefore, incorporate the Art Project extension to bring some culture into your life!

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