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Google Chrome Includes Pterodactyl Obstacle Update in Its Offline T-Rex Game

by Chrome Blog on June 19, 2015

Frequent cut-offs and disruptions in the internet connection could be annoying, especially when you are in the middle of something really important. Since most games nowadays are played online, getting offline frequently means you cannot even play your favorite games as a pastime until the internet has been restored. But not in Google Chrome though!

Easter Egg T-Rex Game picture

When you are offline, the Chrome browser gives you the opportunity to play the Easter Egg game where you are a running T-Rex attempting to avoid as many obstacles as possible. Even though not particularly difficult and challenging, it inevitably gives you a good time while you are offline. Recently Google’s Francois Beaufort has made an announcement about an update that has been to the T-Rex game.

pterodactyl update image

A new obstacle has been included in the form of a flying pterodactyl, which the gamers have to duck while jumping over the rocks, cacti, and ditches. These flying reptiles will be encountered only if you can score 500 points in the game. This means the game has got more challenging for the gamers and will surely be a test for your reflexes.

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