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Google Chrome to Adopt the HTTP 2.0 Standard

by Chrome Blog on February 13, 2015

After five years from announcing its SPDY protocol, Google has decided to postpone the effort. Instead, Google Chrome is all set to accept the completely new HTTP 2.0 standard in early 2016, making it the successor to the currently used HTTP 1.1 protocol.

Google Chrome adopts http 2 image

Google was dissatisfied with the slow load times and latency of SPDY that was based on the HTTP protocol, which forms the backbone of the web, enabling servers and browsers to communicate or transfer data with each other.

Google revealed that early tests performed in 2009 improved loading speeds by 60% over normal connections and by 55% for SSL encrypted connections. However, the biggest issue with SPDY was that it was not a standardized protocol, rather a creation of Google. Being inspired by Google’s efforts, “Internet Engineering Task Force” created a working group for the development of HTTP 2.0, which is largely based on SPDY.

The new HTTP 2.0 standard offers essential upgrades over its precursor including better data transfer speeds and requiring SSL/TLS by default. In addition to these benefits, the protocol is designed to handle complex, modern websites containing many data in a batter way. Once the HTTP 2.0 protocol becomes official, the server administrators will start supporting it.

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