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Google Chrome to Go Clutter-Free with Its New Reader Mode

by Chrome Blog on February 27, 2015

Google is currently developing its latest Reader Mode for desktop and mobile Chrome browsers. With the experimental version available already, the tool allows you to read web pages much easily by removing all the clutters including ads, buttons, boxes, and pictures.

google chrome dom distiller image

Although Chrome has previously featured apps like Readability providing similar functionality, this is the first ever built-in tool announced by Google for its web browser. Francois Beaufort, who is working on the Chromium project, has made the announcement on his Google+ page, offering the code to the technically minded.

Even though it works a bit too well, enabling the tool could be troublesome. It certainly removes all the ads along with the images leaving only the text but makes the page look dull. Nonetheless, it is only an experimental version, which means Google will surely make it work properly prior to launching the stable version.

If you are using Chrome on the desktop, start by running it in the Reader or Distill mode with “enable-DOM-distiller” switch. On Windows, you need to close out Chrome, click on Start button, and type out “Chrome.exe –enable-dom-distiller”. If you are using the mobile version, you need to navigate to chrome://flags#enable-reader-mode-toolbar-icon, choose “Enable”, and relaunch Chrome. Switch on the mode by clicking on “Distill Page” button found in the drop-down menu.

To run the Reader or Distill mode on other operating systems, refer to this guide.

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