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Google Chrome To Support Apple’s Emojis Very Soon

by Chrome Blog on January 12, 2015

Those who were always vexed by Google Chrome’s inability to display the emojis for OS X will finally be relieved, as it has been reported that support for emojis is arriving very soon on Chrome for Mac OS X. For many years, a bug in the web browser prevented the emojis from being displayed in the right way. The engineers have finally managed to eliminate the bug, which means great news for the users.

emojis photo


Prior to being fixed, the emojis would not appear at all, or sometimes it would appear in the form of a square. Apparently, it was quite annoying for those who prefer using emojis. With built-in support for emojis, the Safari browser did not cause any trouble for the users. Google had to address the issue with Chrome, which is why the support for Apple’s emojis has now been incorporated in Chrome for OS X (developer version).

Chrome's inability to support emojis picture


Termed as Chrome Canary, this developer version gives users the opportunity to enter emojis into text fields or see them on sites. However, the Canary builds are still in their testing phase, which means they should be used carefully. Although the support is expected to arrive to the stable version very soon, those who do not want to wait for a few weeks can download this developer version and try out its features.

Chrome Canary image

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1 Sesli 03.10.15 at 9:31 am

Good google coreme thank you admin.

2 Appvn english 11.23.17 at 6:29 am

Most awaited feature. Thank you so much chrome.

3 command prompt windows 01.17.18 at 12:03 am

Command prompt is the straight way to reach out to applications and folders as you can access them by just following the path and while seeking,

4 App 04.22.19 at 7:41 pm

support.apple.com my friend says has an sos app as well as a notify parents. I dont have a phone so I dont know how to use it.

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