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Google Chrome To Warn The Web Users About Unencrypted Sites

by Chrome Blog on December 30, 2014

In the recent months, the internet has become more hostile. Companies have lost important data including personal information and records of their customers because of several hacks. To make the Internet more secure for web users, the Chrome engineers plan to incorporate a warning system to Google Chrome.

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Set to roll out in 2015

This security system will be unveiled in 2015. When added, this new feature would issue alerts to the users whenever any website that is not encrypted under HTTPS protocol system requests to provide data. It confirms that an unencrypted site may not be completely secure. It could even be a fraud company hosting the specific site.

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When the initiative is taken, other companies like Opera, Safari, and Mozilla are expected to follow suit. That would enable the common users to prevent the security woes. Although most of the browsers use the padlock system to represent the https encrypted websites, they don’t warn the users explicitly when the unencrypted sites collect information.

Security updates are important

Although there have been numerous additional features, security fixes, and improvements for the browser on Android, Google Chrome is planning to ramp up browsing security on smartphones. The users should browse responsibly to ensure maximum security. Using a good browser, updating the software judiciously at the right time, and being alert in logging into websites can prevent the user’s browsing worries.

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