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Google Chrome Updated (version 35) : Many new features and more developer control!

by Sagnik Roy on May 21, 2014

Google Chrome version 35 has been released today for Windows, Mac and Linux. This update does not seem to have much for the end users, but has a lot to cater to the needs of web builders and app developers. The latest release can be accessed from the browser’s built-in updater or can be manually downloaded from www.google.com/chrome. This update is also out for android devices.

The change log of the new update provided by Google is given below:

  • More developer control over touch input.
  • New JavaScript features.
  • Unprefixed Shadow DOM.
  • A number of apps/extension APIs.
  • Lots of under the hood changes for stability and performance

Google assures more control for developers to use touch-scrolling, double-tap zooming or pinch-zooming in parts of their content. Mouse-scroll wheel events combined with the Ctrl key modifier is also included for web content on desktop computers. This will give users the provision to do something other than the typical function of zooming into the whole of webpage.
Chrome’s version 35 also includes three new JavaScript functionality defined in the ECMA Script 6 standard:

  • Promise – A value which is not presently available but is sure to be known in the future and this helps in writing cleaner asynchronous codes.
  • WeakSets and WeakMaps lets users create garbage-collected data structures. The references to objects, in both, are held weakly and incase there is no other reference to a WeakSet object, it can be garbage collected. This helps in evading memory leaks.
  • Object.observe – This allows developers to observe any kind of changes in JavaScript object. Callbacks are capable of observing multiple objects and will access all changes in any object present in a single asynchronous call.

The latest version of Chrome has also added support to unprefixed Shadow DOM, which brings reliable composition of user interface elements by letting developers scope their CSS and HTML markup. This support also hides implementation detail of complex components along with the provision to build their own first-class elements and APIs with Custom Elements.
CSS Font Loading has also been incorporated in this update to dynamically load font resources and the SVG paint-order property lets developers control the sequence in which fill, marker and strokes are painted.

Other than all these provisions being added for the benefit of developers, Chrome 35 also fixes 23 security issues. Karen Grünberg, a Chrome engineer has stated that a bug-bounty of $9500 had been paid for the same. The details, as highlighted by Google are:

  • [$3000][356653]: Use-after-free in styles.
  • [$3000][359454]: Integer overflow in audio.
  • [$1000][346192]: Use-after-free in SVG.
  • [$1000][364065]: Out-of-bounds read in media filters.
  • [$1000][330663]: UXSS with local MHTML file.
  • [$500][331168]: UI spoofing with scrollbar.

Chrome users should update their chrome browser to the new version to prevent any of these bug issues.

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1 Emanuel 05.22.14 at 7:30 am

Why on Google + it says that Object.observe landed in Chrome 36 Beta ?

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