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Google Patent To Revive Lapdock Concept?

by Sagnik Roy on May 20, 2014

Google has reportedly filed a hardware patent that would enable users to insert their smart phone into their laptop, providing audio and data on-the-go services for the laptop. The idea echoes of Motorola’s lapdock designs featuring Atrix phones, but is yet completely different. According to sources, this phone-laptop docking would allow Instant messaging, Video conference and Voice over IP along with a number of various other communication applications.

motorola lapdock image
The patent only states how both the devices would manage their power and cellular services and has no mention as such of what devices or which platform this idea might be implemented upon. But it is not too difficult to take a guess that it is most likely to be an Android – Chrome OS collaboration. Google’s mobile platform is clearly Android, and now with the advent of Chromebooks, Google is trying to establish the Chrome OS at the top of the lot. So it’s a natural fits of sorts.

Chromebooks are impressively better performers when they have a stable web connection and a handset being docked on to the laptop might just do the job. It might also be possible that Google has thought beyond that – The combination could be used to run Chrome OS and Android from either of the devices using dedicated internal memory, as both the platforms are Linux based, but we can’t be sure of that!
lapdock concept image

From what we know as of now, the web giant Google has just put forward a charter highlighting the phone-laptop concept. This surely has a lot of exciting potential but we also know that filing a patent does not necessarily mean that the idea will be implemented for sure. But surely we would definitely want to see another approach at the Lapdock design – A great concept but a failed endeavor.

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