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Chrome OS Soon To Have Native Image Editor

by arupchou on August 18, 2011

Search engine giant Google is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that it turns Chrome OS into a full fledged operating system which challenges existing players in the market. Recently Google has come up with Chrome 14 Beta of Chrome browser which brings the browser close to an operating system.

Google is working to equip Chrome OS with native image editor. With the help of this, you can rotate, crop, resize or add effects to any of the images. It is being developed by François Beaufort. When I opened this link, Beaufort has given the steps to test the native image editor

User Interface Reminding Of Picnik Photo Editor App

When I saw the user interface of the native image editor I was reminded of the Picnik Photo Editor Application. However, it did not surprise me considering the fact that Picnik was acquired by Google last year. It is to be noted that when Google first revealed the Chrome OS last year it had integrated a file browser, music and video player. Now when the native image editor is added then it will further bring Chrome browser closer to an operating system. You can your self have a look about the working of the native image editor through this video.

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L’éditeur d’images intégré dans Chrome OS, ça arrive bientôt ? | Googland !!!
12.29.12 at 5:47 am

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