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Chrome OS Updated By Google

by arupchou on August 12, 2011

Search engine giant Google has come up with a new version of its Chrome Operating System. The new stable version is based upon Chrome 13 which includes several features including “Instant Pages”. It is to be noted that the though the earlier version of the Acer Chromebook PicturesChrome OS was good, it had some problems. But with the latest stable release of Chrome OS, many of the problems have been addressed. In order to under to understand the features, I installed the new Chrome OS in my Acer Chromebook. It took a bit of time to get going and I had to hit the update button quite a number of times.

Features In The Update

One of the great changes which I noticed with the update is the easy usage of Chrome OS on Virtual Private Network (VPN). Prior to the update the functionality had be turned on as an experimental feature. Another good thing for private networking is that, the operating system now remembers VPN settings unlike the previous one. Another positive thing which has come up with the update is the auto-connection to 3G which is very handy for a traveler like me who love to travel.

On several occasions i do not get access to Wi-Fi hotspots. So the feature will really come in handy. Another feature included in the update is that now the Wi-Fi connections are more secure as the OS supports 802.1x. The update has also facilitated printing. Another great feature which I really liked is that now I can use my Chromebook as a portable television with the working of Netfilx application.

However, along with these positives there are some issues which the update has not yet addressed.  I really wished that the problem of not able to open files (.doc, ODF etc) when they are kept locally should have been addressed. I was also not very impressed with the OS’s documentation. But I hope that in the next update Google will address the issues and make OS further user-friendly.

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