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‘OK Google’ Voice Search Control for Chrome OS

by Sagnik Roy on May 22, 2014

The web giant, Google has recently added a voice search command to launch searches in its Chrome OS. The latest update (version 35) introduces search capabilities for new tabs or Google search pages using the hot-word ‘OK Google’. This can turn out to be a very interesting and functional service for people to initiate searches while travelling, cooking or in general when people are lazy!

ok_google image
This voice search feature which was introduced recently in the Chrome browser can be enabled in the ‘Privacy’ section under Chrome OS’s advanced settings. It also offers a couple of other features like calendar appointments using voice commands. At times it tends to get a little edgy and can misread words, but that is more of a clarity issue than a technical glitch. For the same reason, simple commands like ‘question’ have also been incorporated which helps the search engine understand when the user has finished speaking. As of now, this feature works only for users who are using US English.

Chrome OS google image

Launching apps or accessing Gmail using voice commands is not yet supported, but Google assures users that they have been trying to upgrade the voice-control technology into most of their services to enhance user interactions and to make it easy to operate.

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1 nasir 10.12.14 at 12:36 pm

it is nice

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