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PC Makers Yet Not Optimistic About Chrome OS

by arupchou on November 10, 2011

In a speech in Taiwan, Google Executive chairman Eric Schmidt tried to promote Chrome OS for PCs. PC makers however, believe Chrome OS Imagesthat for Google’s Chrome OS to make a name for itself in the PC market, Google needs to provide more resources and support. Windows still remain the dominant player in the PC market and Google still has to go a long way if it wants to challenge’s Window’s dominance in the PC market.

Reasons For Cold Shoulder

In his speech quite a number of times, Schmidt talked about the various advantages which Chrome OS enjoys over other others. Mr Schmidt talked about advantages such as fast boot up time, no virus issues etc and asked PC makers to give Chrome OS a try. But Google’s Chromebooks, which run on Chrome OS failed to live up to the demands and this is seen as one of the major factors behind PC makers giving cold shoulder to the operating system.

It is to be noted that in June 2011, vendors such as Acer and Samsung launched their own Chromebooks before other PC vendors but sadly sales have not been that great. According to sources within the PC industry while Acer has sold about 5000 units, Samsung’s sales have been even less. Sources also said that some advantages of Chromebooks turn out to be disadvantages in some cases.

For example, they pointed out that since the major capability of Chromebook lies in cloud computing, areas where there is poor internet connection, it becomes a huge disadvantage. Though cloud computing seems to be the future of computing, Chrome OS needs to revamp itself big time to carve a niche for itself in the OS segment.

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1 Joe 11.22.15 at 10:30 am

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