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Samsung All Ready To Revive Series 5 Chromebook, To Launch Chromebox Desktop

by arupchou on January 13, 2012

Though Chromebooks have failed to cast the impression which was expected out of it, Samsung is all set to revive its series 5 Samsung Chromebook ImagesChromebooks with improved hardware. As of now it is not clear as to how many Chromebooks running on Google Chrome OS have been sold so far. Meanwhile, Samsung also plans to come up with Chromebox Desktop, a mini-personal computer running on Chrome OS during the second quarter of 2012. Chromebox Desktop was displayed by Samsung at CES 2012.

New Chromebook/Chromebox Desktop Specs & Features

It is to be noted that Samsung Chromebook was introduced by Google last year. The revamped Chromebook will retain the former's 12.1 inch display, but the Atom processor will be replaced by Celeron dual-core CPU. Just like the previous version it will have 2GB RAM and 16GB of internal memory. The price of the new version of the notebook will remain same. Customers will have to pay $399 for Wi-Fi only version and $ 449 for 3G model.

Meanwhile, Samsung will also come up with Chromebox desktop, the desktop version of Google web-centric Chrome OS. Chromebox will just be like a Mac-mini like desktop PC and there will be hard disk drive or other high-end components in it. This is the prime factor because of which Chromebox will be quite diminutive in size and once it is connected to the monitor along with keyboard, internet and mouse it will work like a full-fledged desktop computer.

Though the full specifications of Chromebox is yet to be revealed, it is known that the desktop version of Chrome OS will feature USB ports, a DVI port, a headphone jack and one power button along with a couple of Display Link (DL) ports. Through the DL port, users can get output to two PCs at the same time and the machine will be powered by a dual-core Celeron CPU. It will also have 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.

It will be interesting to note how Chrome OS fairs after Samsung revamp its Series 5 Chromebook and launches Chromebox. Google has not come up with any updates on Chrome OS since its release and with Microsoft soon launching Windows 8, the road seems tough for Chrome OS.


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