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Smart Lock For Chrome OS – An Ultimate Security Solution is Introduced

by Chrome Blog on December 12, 2014

The launch of Android has certainly helped Google to grow in numbers and in users. Earlier, folks who were not utilizing Google’s services have now joined them and are currently established users of their services. Increase in Android sales has also caused a significant rise in sales of Chromebook, the notebook from Google that runs on Chromium OS.

The next move from Google is quite smart as they are aiming to develop the major platforms – Android OS and Chrome OS together. This is the first attempt from Google to merge the platforms together. Recently, the search-engine giant has come out with an attempt to develop an application compatibility solution that can be used on different computers running on various operating systems. The compatibility solution has been termed as Smartlock.

Smartlock application pictures


Using Smart Lock to unlock Chromebook Image

This application aids the users in keeping the Chromebooks unlocked when their mobile is within the Bluetooth connection range. Unfortunately, the attribute will be featured only on those mobiles that support Android 5.0 Lollipop. Currently, the application is under beta testing. To test the feature now, the users are required to run the Chromebook’s Dev Channel. Google is currently working to introduce the stable version of the application within few months.

Picture of unlocking Chromebook with Smart Lock

This feature is very crucial as it gives absolute security solution to users. When the cell phone is taken out of Bluetooth range, the user’s Chromebook is locked automatically. Cross platform compatibility has become an important thing for the computer and cell phone makers to consider. Apple is also aiming to merge Mac OS X and iOS together.

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