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Google Chrome 15 Features – Pros and Cons

by Abhinab Choudhury on October 31, 2011

Similar to its previous versions, Chrome 15 doesn’t add much to the visual interface which a uses eye can easily catch. But it Google Chromedoes comes up with major changes to the core bugs and functionalities which include: Better memory management and faster page load. The only thing which I have heard users complaining about Chrome is that it eats up a hell lot of memory. I have seen it feeding on more than 400 mb RAM in a standard Windows XP machine with only 8 tabs to the background. Google has been trying hard to fix this up and with this new version they have implemented a new memory management technique which shrinks down the comparative hog to 70 percent.

The major change was seen in the month of March when it got a whole new look and feel. But after that there was not much change to the visual appeal. Many developers would like the changes has been made in the settings control panel with extensions feature being added to the main options tab. The new developer mode hides and shows the load pack extension and update extensions option when checked and unchecked. The control-tab navigation which has always been there to ease up the multi tab browsing task.

What’s new in Chrome 15?

• The new apps tab, directly drives you to the chrome web store. Reviews have been much of controversial with this feature but who cares if it consumes lesser time for adding up new apps and games. The new web store now provide you with more in-depth information about the application and gets installed with a simple click on “Sign In to Add” option.

• Though this will ensure that all our data gets in sync with your mail account many people may find it as a reason for “privacy invasion”. The incognito feature is still having hard time to get accustomed to by chrome users.

• Additional security feature to protect itself from SSL/TSL hacks has been a great new add on. This attach has been widely used to compromise browsers but with this major flaw being blocked the protection rises to an all new level of satisfaction.

• It’s worth mentioning here that Google Chrome web browser took a giant lead while we tested it up for mark up standards. It was hundred percent compliant with all standard web features such as CSS, html, java script and XML. Firefox also scored the same but IE version 9 was down to 94.

• When we tested it up with JavaScript V8 Benchmark suite V6 (http://v8.googlecode.com/svn/data/benchmarks/v6/run.html) Chrome won it all again with a score of 4977. Firefox was way down at 1979 and IE lost it all by a deep back score which is not worth mentioning here.

• We also tested the Google Chrome web browser with Peace keeper (http://peacekeeper.futuremark.com) and here as well Chrome performed better than Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. Chrome was first with the highest score of 2014 with Firefox as first runners up. Opera managed a place in the top three next to Firefox and Inter explorer 9 was as usual happy to be in the last place.

Chrome 15.0 Review & Rating

Google Chrome 15 Pros

Some of the positives of Chrome 15 are as follows:
• Much more efficiency in memory usage and lesser time to startup then its predecessors.
• Brilliant tab categorization, Pin up feature and duplicate tab options.
• Systematic load of the page and lesser glitches on incompatible pages.
• Central Sync and better security integrated for cross platform connectivity.
• Advanced extensions support to get all important requirements choired up for faster execution.

Google Chrome 15 Cons

Some of the cons of Chrome 15 are as follows:
• Some of the older extensions just won’t work on it.
• Lags behind in some easy to use features as in IE and Firefox.
• Built in PDF reader sometimes redirects to download option. If the page crashes the complete browser starts eating up large memory abruptly.

Final Say

Whatever the Cons be, Chrome is way ahead of other browsers when it comes to ease of browsing experience. Simple and backed by powerful extensions makes it invincible. The market shares show the graph and the major switch in the last few months has been from the Firefox users. IE is all on the decline and Opera still sticks to the same old functions and features but no major improvement in the core engine. Definitely +9 to this version. Much better than the 2010 review we come up with.

Summing up all the efforts we put up to test all the browsers, the authority of Chrome surely proves in worth. Firefox seems to know that it’s going to be hit hard soon but with the latest version 8 beta it is trying to come up the same level of competence that of Chrome. Time will decide who is on the winning verge but till then Chrome is the best of all for sure.

Download Chrome (http://www.google.com/chrome) now to feel the difference. I am sure you won’t be able to revert back to your ancestral browser.

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Restoration Of The Old “New Tab” Page In Chrome 15 - Chrome Plugins
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1 Bela Szalai 11.04.11 at 8:44 pm

I am using and enjoying Chrome foe years, since a couple of weeks of it’s first availability. A few weeks ago, I had to reload my system and had a hard time circumventing OS, Windows 7 trying to sabotage it’s re-installing. The solution to change the Win-7 security block no longer worked. Finally I did it by coat-tailing a Google Earth re-installation.
It looks like MS can no longer compete on technical merits, so it resorts to blocking installations.

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