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7 Best Looking Anime Themes For Chrome

by Abhinab Choudhury on September 19, 2012

We received a lot of request to feature Anime themes here. Some of our old Theme posts have them for instance but never was any collection made available. So here we go for our Anime Lover users –

1. Naruto Uzumaki

Anime-theme-1 image

This is one of the best Anime themes you can get for your Chrome browser. Naruto Uzumaki is one such character which really defines the Anime attitude. Definitely made for the male Chrome browser.

2. Inori

Anime-theme-2 image

Inori is a 16 yr old vocalist of the popular band – Egoist. She is pretty and the expression is priceless when it comes to EMO looks. She can sure change the complete get up of your web browser.

3. Lolita Girls

Anime-theme-3 image

Lolita Girls Chrome theme is a wonderful collection of three Lolita Anime models rolling on the floor passing you a cute smile. Every time you switch on a new tab, they will all be waiting to pass you a smile.

4. Final Fantasy

Anime-theme-4 image

If you have ever played the Final Fantasy game or come across any session game vids, you sure must have been an avid fan of the series. This Chrome theme is only for FF fans and if they like can share with others as well.

5. Anime Garden

Anime-theme-5 image

Anime Garden is a simple combination of emotions and innocence framed inside the chrome page background. The overall aura is pink and the browser transformation sure seems amazing.

6. Pokemon Theme

Anime-theme-6 image

Pokemon Theme for Chrome has Pikachu and Ash on its center frame with all lead roles and character zooming out from the back. The other three pokemon are also displayed on top. This is the best Pokemon theme we have ever seen for Chrome.

There are many Anime themes out there in both Official and 3rd party gallery. These are some of the best we came across in the last 6 months. If you are a Chrome theme developer or have come across any beautiful Anime theme for Chrome browser, you can link it up in our comment section.



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2 shadow 10.05.12 at 2:06 pm

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3 Online9to5 11.09.12 at 8:03 pm

The second one, Inori, looks the best.

4 Terrorist 01.16.13 at 12:50 am

This is really cool and really! I can’t believe that I haven’t heard about this yet! Congratulation!

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