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How to Turn off Audio in Google Chrome’s Noisy Tabs

by Chrome Blog on February 5, 2015

Sick and tired of auto-playing ads in your Chrome browser? Here’s how to stop the tabs from playing audio. Perhaps most users are aware that Google Chrome notifies us about the audio playing tabs with an icon. However, these same icons can be used as mute buttons to turn off the audio.

audio icon in chrome tab image

Although this feature was previously offered in the Developer version, it has been recently incorporated into stable versions for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Chrome OS. To use this feature you need to look into hidden settings file of your browser.

audio icon turned off image

To access the hidden options available on Chrome flags page, you need to enter chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting in the address bar. Activating the feature is easy, as you just have to click on Enable. However, restarting the browser is required to allow the changes to take effect.

enable tab audio muting picture

You can now click on audio icon of a tab to mute it temporarily without pausing the video or music that is being played. This is a useful feature to have because it mutes the audio in auto-playing ads without having to close the tab itself.

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