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Prevent Closing Multiple Tabs Through Windows Close Protector Extension

by arupchou on January 10, 2012

Sometimes when you are browsing something important, it can be very annoying if you accidently close all tabs at once.  But Windows Close Protector is one such Chrome extension which protects you against accidently closing of multiple tabs as this extension adds a warning dialogue to confirm whether you really want to close all tabs or not. In this tutorial we will tell you how you can use this extension to prevent closing of multiple tabs.

Working Of Windows Close Protector Chrome Extension

Install Windows Close Protector extension from the Chrome Web Store

Click on the wrench icon-> Tools-> Extensions and then search for Window Close Protector extension 2.2

Image 1

Click on the “Options” menu of the extension

Image 2

When you click on “Options”, a page pops up which allows you to adjust the time options for the extension. Once you set the time as per your liking click “Save” button.

Image 3

After this, continue to browse normally, and once you attempt to close window, the extension asks you to confirm that you really want to close. Click on “Leave this page” to close the window.

Image 4

We hope that this extension will help you to prevent accidental closing of tabs. Do let know your experience while using this extension through your comments and views.



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2 ulises 11.19.12 at 3:20 am

thanks, i think this extension doesn´t work

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