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Tweak To Boost Up Chrome Browser Speed in Android

by Sagnik Roy on May 15, 2014

A secret setting tweak lets Android users boost the speed of Google Chrome browser in their smart phones. By changing how much memory is being allocated to a particular app, users can improve speed of sluggish, slow-loading chrome pages and a Reddit user explains how.

Users can simply open a new Chrome tab and type “chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area” which will pop-up a menu. Here, the default memory allocated to Chrome is generally saved at 128, which users can change to 256 (for older phones) or 512 (for newer phones). This is the maximum amount of memory that can be allocated to Chrome. After altering this minor setting, users have to click on “Relaunch Now” which will restart the browser app. Web pages will load much faster and users will experience a much improved navigation and performance.

Chrome browser tweak image

Out of a number of other available tweaks and tricks for improving browser performance and speed, this one seems to be by far the best one, based on anecdotal feedback. So if Chrome pages in Android is lagging and working really slow, this minute setting trick is worth a shot.

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