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Mcafee Site Advisor Bookmarklet For Google Chrome

by Chrome Blog on April 13, 2009

I got a few emails from some avid firefox and internet explorer users who wanted to have the Mcafee Siteadvisor Plugin integrated into Google Chrome. If you dont know yet, the siteadvisor plugin from Mcafee works with only Internet Explorer And with Firefox and rates about 90% of the Web based on security issues. The plugin basically looks for all kinds of safety and security threats associated with a particular page you are browsing and alerts the users for it.

As you guys know, Google Chrome does not have an extensions/plugins gateway as such and does not quite support third party extensions till now Mcafee has not developed its Chrome version for that plugin.

However, we have got a javascript bookmarklet for Siteadvisor which would make viewing of the site’s security status a bit more easier using mcafee’s technology and database, thus giving users for Google Chrome a feeling that they are using the Mcafee Site Advisor Plugin, though this is a “cheap” work around for the actual plugin.

To use this bookmarlet just drag and drop the following link to your Google Chrome’s Bookmarks Bar.

Mcafee SiteAdvisor

When you are surfing on a site and want to know what Mcafee Siteadvisor has to say about the site you are surfing, just click on that bookmarklet once, and a new tab will open which will give you all the details and ratings of that site.

Note: This is not the official plugin/extension from mcafee, this is just a user generated javascript bookmarlet. It does not has all features as in the original plugin but just a preview of it. Though this is 100% reliable.

Credit : Quentin Headen

List of Useful Add-Ons For Google Chrome Using Bookmarklets

by Chrome Blog on January 4, 2009

As we all know that Google took Chrome out of beta almost a month back, but still there is a strong feeling that there is a long way to go for the browser if it has to compete with other browers such as Firefox.  With the lack of RSS Support features, lack of API’s for add-ons and plugins, and no official version of the browser for Mac and Linux, it would take time before users fully switch to Google Chrome.

Although Chrome’s lacking of such basic features, its lightweight surfing, speedy browsing and easy feel has attracted a lot of people to it. Everyday more and more users are starting to use Google Chrome, though we cant say how many are using Google Chrome as a standalone browser.

Last month Google had announced its plans to release Extensions and Plugins support for Google Chrome, shortly, unfortunately, no one knows when it is going to be released now that 1 month has passed. But till then, there ways to atleast simulate the use of browser extensions. This is done using bookmarklets which are small pieces of javascript code which one can easily add to Chrome’s bookmark toolbar.

Google Chrome Bookmarklets

We have listed some of the most handy bookmarklets for Chrome which many of the users would find beneficial. You might already see many of the bookmarklets being written about in our Google Chrome Forum. We had also developed the Google Chrome Toolbar using such Bookmarklets a while back and got about 75k hits to it already.

HOW TO USE: To use the bookmarklets mentioned below,  you just need to drag & drop the link onto the bookmarks bar of your Chrome Browser.

  • Share in Google Reader – Share the web page you are browsing using Google’s RSS Reader.
  • Note This in Google Reader – It lets you share the item while adding a note with it.
  • Stumble it – Stumble a web page that you liked.
  • Gmail This – Mail any page using Gmail. For Google Apps Mail, try this instead. (You will need to replace “” with your own domain name).
  • Linkify – Make all plain text URL’s on a webpage into clickable hyperlinks.
  • Take Screenshot – Takes a screenshot using WebShotsPro.
  • Socialize – Submits a blog post from Google Chrome to more than 50 social bookmarking website with just a few clicks.

    Social Google Chrome

  • Google Pagerank – Check Pagerank of any Webpage by clicking on it. This is so far the best alternative to check PR of a site untill any Google Toolbar is lauched for Chrome.
  • Translate – Translate any webpage to English without needing to know the source language.
  • Technorati Rank – Check Technorati Rank, Blog Reactions and Authority of the website you are on.
  • Twitter now – Click on it to update your Twitter account. You will get a pop-up which lets you update your twitter status &check messages.
  • Alexa Rank – Check the alexa rank of the website you are on.
  • Tumblelog – Lets you quickly post to your tumblelog if you have a Tumblr Blog.
  • Dictionary – Look up words in the dictionary. If you are a fan of Thesaurus, then use this Thesaurus. Another, similar bookmarklet called Reference is also available.
  • Post to – Post your favorite pictures to the photo-sharing website
  • Share on FriendFeed – Share a link in social media lifestreaming site FriendFeed.
  • Digg – Diggs a webpage.
  • Google Bookmark – Bookmarks a page using Google’s own Google Bookmarks service.
  • Delicious – Save a page to social bookmarking site delicious.
  • Adblock+ – Removes java, flash, background music and third-party iframes. It won’t render properly on this page for some reason, but you can grab it from the original site.

If you would like to see any additions to this list of Bookmarlets do let us know by leaving your valuable comments.

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Convert Web Pages In Google Chrome To High Quality PDF Files

by Chrome Blog on February 19, 2009

If you want to save a webpage looks like the same as what it appears on the website, then converting such webpage into a pdf file is the right solution. I came to know of a PDF Bookmarklet from the site PdfDownload which lets you do just the same with any web-page in Google Chrome.

What is a bookmarklet?

A bookmarklet came from the two words bookmark and applet. But this term is basically a computer application that is treated like normal bookmarks. It is just a one-click type of tool that adds new functions to your ordinary browser.

The most important function that it does is extracting data out of a web page such as images, texts and hyperlinks.

Here is a step-by-step guide to convert webpages in Google Chrome to high quality pdf files:

  • First, try to check if your bookmarks bar is showing on the browser. If you can’t see it, then go to Tools menu and choose Always show bookmarks bar.
  • Second, drag the link “Save Page as PDF” and place it right into the Bookmarks Bar.

    Chrome PDF Converter

    Chrome PDF Converter

  • When you got the link on the Bookmarks bar, when you bumped into a webpage that you want to save then just click the “Save Page as PDF”.
  • If you want to open the webpage right on a pdf file just open it up on your My Documents or the folder where you save the pdf file.

Thats it and you are done!

With this ever increasing compatibility of softwares and programs with google chrome, i am sure more and more users would switch to this user friendly and fast browser from Google.


Google Chrome Gets RSS Support Feature Finally

by Chrome Blog on January 21, 2009

Much has been talked about speed of internet. Now it’s the time to talk about the speed of a browser. Google Chrome is the perfect topic to discuss. It is a gift to us from Google. Released out of beta status in December last year, this net browser has covered the market. People are using chrome as browser, but it lacks a handful of features. It lacks the support for RSS feeds.

The Mac version of Chrome is underway already as we know. The best way to use add-ons in Google Chrome is via browser bookmarklets. To work with RSS there are two new ways. Also you can employ the use of this browser bookmarklets.

Self-Detecting RSS in Chrome

If you visit then you will find that there are two bookmarklets available. They are “View RSS Feed” and “Auto-Detect RSS.” What you have to do is to drag these bookmarklets to the browser’s bookmark bar. Now whenever you are on such page on web where there is RSS feed, you only have to hit the “Auto-Detect RSS” button. Automatically you will be taken to the page where the feed is displayed along with many auto-subscription links at the top. Alternate to it you can just hit “view RSS feed,” if you want to see the feed here on the browser.

One of the main defect of this ramisp org bookmarklets is that there is limited choice of RSS readers they provide under the “Subscribe Now!” section. At present you can subscribe by using Google, Pageflakes, My Yahoo!, and Netvibes.

Google Bookmarklets is the best for Google Reader Users

For Google Reader users this bookmarklets is the best for subscribing to feeds coming from Google themselves. Google provides two bookmarklets as an option for simple RSS subscribing. They are:

Subscribe – View the first available feed in Google Reader.
Show all feeds – Lists all feeds and links them to Google Reader.

Apart from these, Google also provide ways to note and share items by using bookmarklets.

Though these features are handy but they are still waiting for their best workaround to make a built-in feature. I think Google should first include RSS button in this new browser that integrates directly with their own RSS Reader.


Google Chrome 6 Weeks Later

by Chrome Blog on October 14, 2008

Firstly sorry for the lack of updates this past week, but work has been keeping from doing anything fun. It’s been 6 weeks since Chrome was released, so i thought I’d do a quick recap of things since we kicked off Chrome Plugins.

In no particular order:

We published an article explaining how to switch your Chrome installation over to the Dev Build if your interested in obtaining various bug fixes or new features before it’s released to the masses. You can read how to do this in
Update Chrome to Dev Build

A feature i used in FireFox a lot was the ability to highlight text on a page, then search that text on sites like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Wikipedia, Trends, Amazon, etc from the context menu. No problems, one click bookmarklets to
Search Selected Text with Google Chrome

Want to split a single Chrome Tab down the middle to view two sites simultaneously so you can do things like read text in one, and write about it in the other? Try
Google Chrome Dual View

One thing many people wanted was a Google Toolbar for Chrome, (almost 10,000 StumbleUpon visitors one afternoon definitely did) and with Google developing both the Browser and the Toolbar many assumed it would of been included in Chrome or at least compatible as an addon. Not so unfortunately, so we came with with basically all the Google Toolbar features as well as the SEOQuake features for webmasters as one click bookmarklet options. So you can have a substitute
Google Toolbar For Chrome

With the common Web Browser becoming more customizable, more personal and remembering more of our behavior it’s nice to have separate profiles so your “nefarious” browsing habits don’t pop up for other users on a shared computer. Miha released the
Chrome Backup and Profile Tool

We also outlined how to create Custom Search Engines in Chrome which allows you to search in any site directly from the Omnibox (Not just Search Engines) provided the site has a search feature. This saves opening another tab, loading the site, navigating to the search box or page to conduct the search.
Custom Search Engines in Chrome

Miss the look of FireFox? Switch Chrome to a FireFox 3 theme.
Firefox 3

Do you jump between FireFox and Chrome for your daily browsing? There’s an
Open in Chrome Firefox Extension

For people who make extensive use of keyboard shortcuts when browsing, we have put together a list of
Google Chrome Shortcuts

Many people were plagued by scroll problems,
PaulusDev released the
Chrome Scroll Fix

The authors of the popular CCleaner announced in the forum from v2.12.651 there is
Support for Chrome in CCleaner

Also, we built a page that provides information about your Chrome Version, Webkit Version, Flash Info, Java Details, Screen Resolution, IP and ISP details. You can check this out at
Chrome Browser Details

Anyhow that’s a brief look at Google Chrome and Chrome Plugins over the past 6 weeks, there’s many more topics in the Chrome Forum and on the main site.

As mentioned before, work is mounting up but i will do my best to continue with regular updates and new things for Chrome but posting may be sporadic at times. If anyone has an interest in Chrome, and the website feel free to contact me.


Search Selected Text with Google Chrome

by Chrome Blog on September 16, 2008

One Firefox addon i used quite often was a Context Search and what this done was added a selection of Search Engines and useful sites that would enable you to highlight text or a domain on a webpage then launch a search for the selected text on the chosen website.

It was a great time saver because you didn’t need to open another tab for the particular site, then copy and paste your text in to the search box and hit search. This is what it looked like on the right click context menu in Firefox:

This is one extension i miss, so i thought i would “kind of” make a fix for Google Chrome. When i say kind of, these are Bookmarklets which aren’t quite as convenient as having the functionality built directly in to the right click menu however they are still easier than going about things the old fashioned way and will suffice until we get an API for extensions or addons.

So to use these, drag the links below to your Bookmarks. Then whenever you highlight a piece of text on a webpage, click the corresponding bookmark and it will automatically conduct a search on the site you have chosen. So i have done the sites in the Firefox addon, and a couple of other useful searches.

Here they are:

Google Search Selected Text

Google Search Selected

Google Blog Search Selected Text

Google BlogSearch Selected

Google Images Search Selected Text

Google Trends Search Selected

Google Trends Search Selected Text

Google Trends Search Selected

Yahoo Search Selected Text

Yahoo Search Selected Search Selected Text Search Selected Search Selected Text Search Selected

Wiki Search Selected Text

Wiki Search Selected

Amazon Search Selected Text

Amazon Search Selected Search Selected Text Search Selected Search Selected Text

CreativeCommons Search Selected Search Selected Text

Ebay Search Selected Search Selected Text Search Selected

Google Text from Current Website

Google Text from Site

This one above will limit the Google search to just the site you are on, for example if you highlight the word “Bookmark” on this site and click the bookmarklet link it will show all pages listed in Google from that contain the word “Bookmark”. This is quite useful if the site you are browsing doesn’t have a search feature, but they have a great article and you would like to find other similar articles on the site.

Also yesterday i published a whole stack of these in the forum that duplicate the functions of the Google Toolbar, as well as the functions of SEOQuake which is a popular Firefox tool for webmasters and SEO folk. You can view them in the post titled Google Toolbar for Chrome

If you don’t know how to make these site searches for highlighted text and you would like one for a particular site, for example search the highlighted text at then just leave a comment below with the site and i will make one and add it to the list for you.


Google Chrome Dual View

by Chrome Blog on September 16, 2008

Yes, split Google Chrome down the middle in one tab. For the multi-tasking type this will enable you to create 2 side by side “panels” in Chrome in the same tab so you can browse two sites at once side by side.

Why not switch between tabs?

A few reasons, maybe you want to compare search results on both Google and Yahoo or do side by side comparisons of products. Maybe you want to reference something in the left panel and type about it in the right and switching tabs is a pain.. Well this will enable you to do just that. See examples:

A comparison search for Chrome on Google and Yahoo

Click for larger view

Reference content in one panel, write about it in the other

Click for larger view

To use simply drag and drop the following in your bookmarks…

Chrome Dual View

When clicked, a pop-up box asks for the first URL which will be the left panel and the URL you are currently on will be entered by default however this can be changed so in my dual search i entered for this one. Once you ok it, it will ask for the second URL which is the right panel and i entered for my search comparison.

Simple, Google Chrome split down the middle with a double panel all in one tab.

Enjoy, also check out the Chrome Forums for a bunch of things like this.

Also here is an experimental translate bookmarklet:

Google Translate



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