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Google Chrome Includes Pterodactyl Obstacle Update in Its Offline T-Rex Game

by Chrome Blog on June 19, 2015

Frequent cut-offs and disruptions in the internet connection could be annoying, especially when you are in the middle of something really important. Since most games nowadays are played online, getting offline frequently means you cannot even play your favorite games as a pastime until the internet has been restored. But not in Google Chrome though! [click to continue…]


New Google Chrome Beta Version To Stop Flash Advertisements

by Chrome Blog on June 5, 2015

Google has recently launched a beta version for Chrome, promising to improve web experiences by putting an end to Flash animations that disrupt normal webpage browsing and viewing. In a joint effort with Adobe, the search-engine giant has successfully stopped Flash content, including those with audio.

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Great Suspender: A Fast And Easy Way To Speed Up Google Chrome

by Chrome Blog on May 23, 2015

A new extension for Chrome, promising to boost up your computer’s speed by stopping or preventing any unused tabs. The performance of your computer could bog down significantly if you keep many tabs open in the browser. These unused Chrome tabs quietly run in the background, consuming memory and eventually slowing down the computer. [click to continue…]


Google’s Data Saver Extension Launched For Chrome

by Chrome Blog on March 28, 2015

With the launch of a new extension from Google, called the Data Saver Extension, it is now possible to have a better browsing experience on Chrome. The extension makes use of Google’s servers to compress the size of webpages prior to being sent to the client’s computer. This feature helps in reducing data usage, thereby providing a simple solution to those on lousy internet plans with capped data usage.

Data saver extension image [click to continue…]


Lift Your Chrome’s Dull Look With ‘Art Project’ Extension from Google

by Chrome Blog on March 14, 2015

Chrome users browsing the internet frequently might get bored with the plain dull appearance of a new tab page. Fortunately, Google has come out with a new extension, called Google Art Project, capable of putting classical artworks into your browser’s new tab page. Installing this extension lets you see works of art by Degas, Monet, Van Gogh, and other renowned artists around the globe in every new tab page.

picture of artwork 1 [click to continue…]


How to Set a Theme on Google Chrome

by Chrome Blog on March 10, 2015

Back in 2012, changing Google’s background wallpaper was discontinued for a smoother experience for the users. With Chrome themes, users can now easily customize the look of their browser’s homepage. Those who are weary with the simple white look offered by Google Chrome can opt to change its background image to make it look more elegant. [click to continue…]


Google Chrome to Go Clutter-Free with Its New Reader Mode

by Chrome Blog on February 27, 2015

Google is currently developing its latest Reader Mode for desktop and mobile Chrome browsers. With the experimental version available already, the tool allows you to read web pages much easily by removing all the clutters including ads, buttons, boxes, and pictures.

google chrome dom distiller image [click to continue…]


Tips To Update Your Google Chrome Extensions Manually

by Chrome Blog on February 21, 2015

Most internet users around the globe prefer Google Chrome to other web browsers because not only it updates automatically, but it also allows you to use great extensions that improve upon the functionality of your browser. Just like the Chrome browser, its extensions update themselves without requiring you to restart your browser. [click to continue…]


Google Chrome to Adopt the HTTP 2.0 Standard

by Chrome Blog on February 13, 2015

After five years from announcing its SPDY protocol, Google has decided to postpone the effort. Instead, Google Chrome is all set to accept the completely new HTTP 2.0 standard in early 2016, making it the successor to the currently used HTTP 1.1 protocol.

Google Chrome adopts http 2 image

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How to Turn off Audio in Google Chrome’s Noisy Tabs

by Chrome Blog on February 5, 2015

Sick and tired of auto-playing ads in your Chrome browser? Here’s how to stop the tabs from playing audio. Perhaps most users are aware that Google Chrome notifies us about the audio playing tabs with an icon. However, these same icons can be used as mute buttons to turn off the audio.

audio icon in chrome tab image

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