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‘OK Google’ Voice Search Control for Chrome OS

by Sagnik Roy on May 22, 2014

The web giant, Google has recently added a voice search command to launch searches in its Chrome OS. The latest update (version 35) introduces search capabilities for new tabs or Google search pages using the hot-word ‘OK Google’. This can turn out to be a very interesting and functional service for people to initiate searches while travelling, cooking or in general when people are lazy! [click to continue...]


Google Extends Lifespan Of Chrome OS Devices By A Year!

by Sagnik Roy on May 19, 2014

Google has recently promised a software support on Chrome OS devices for at least 5 years after their release – which is an extra added year to what they had previously committed. “EOL [end-of-life] dates … will be at least a minimum of 5 years from launch of hardware” – commented Google, on an updated Chrome OS device support site. For example, the HP Chromebook was assured software support till November 2017. This has now been extended by one year and the same will get a support lasting up to November 2018. [click to continue...]



by Sagnik Roy on May 15, 2014

A new phishing attack which threatens to steal Google accounts password is targeting Gmail users, particularly the ones who use Google Chrome browser – said security experts from Bitdefender. Google Chrome does not display the entire URL of a webpage in its address bar which is the main reason why more users are falling prey to this fast spreading attack. [click to continue...]


Chrome App Launcher Comes to Windows

by S.Roy on July 20, 2013

After months of deliberation, Google has finally released the Chrome App Launcher in the stable version of the Chrome browser for Windows devices. The new feature has been first spotted by Engadget and it helps users launch any Chrome Web app or packaged app directly from the Windows taskbar, even when Chrome is not open.

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New Google Chrome for Campaign Becomes Top Viral Video

by S.Roy on June 8, 2013

Google seems to have scored another victory, with its new Chrome campaign hitting the bull’s eye. The “Chrome for” campaign got 3.5 million viewers last week and beat other tech giants including Samsung, which this week received some press.

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Google Plays April Fool Joke on Chrome Users

by S.Roy on April 3, 2013

Google played a cool, nay – blue “April Fool” joke on as many as three million of its users who woke up to watch the Blue Gmail video of Google and doubted whether the developers had really lost their aesthetics.

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Astrid brings its powerful To-Do Feature to Gmail

by S.Roy on February 13, 2013

Astrid, the powerful to-do list manager, has flexed its way into Gmail. The newest version of this popular Chrome browser extension now integrates with Gmail and gives users the ability to remember and manage the things they have to complete.

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Windows Test Drive for Google Chrome OS

by S.Roy on February 11, 2013

For those of you thinking of getting a Chromebook but not sure how it works, here is a piece of news. You can now test the functionality of Chrome OS in your Windows system. That is as good as it gets!
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Google Chrome to Phone Extension

by Abhinab Choudhury on August 13, 2012

Chrome to phone is a simple Google Chrome Extension which can help you send links, telephone numbers and other information directly from your browser to your Android device.
Chrome to Phone extension


The best feature of this chrome extension is that the sent links are automatically interpreted by the Android device and opens it up against the assigned application. Some of them worth mentioning are:
  • YouTube Links: These links are opened by the default application managing YouTube videos.
  • Google Maps: These links are opened by the Google Map application and hence with a single click you can have the map on your device screen. [click to continue...]


Google Enhances Gmail Offline Chrome Web App

by arupchou on January 14, 2012

Search engine giant Google has enhanced capabilities for its offline Gmail web app for Chrome by adding a settings page and providing Offline Gmail Logobetter attachment functionality along with keyboard shortcut support. Offline email support is great for users who need access and respond to emails even when not connected to the internet. It is to be noted that Google had unveiled the new offline Gmail in August and Google has already built like functions for Calendar and Docs apps. [click to continue...]

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