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Astrid brings its powerful To-Do Feature to Gmail

by S.Roy on February 13, 2013

Astrid, the powerful to-do list manager, has flexed its way into Gmail. The newest version of this popular Chrome browser extension now integrates with Gmail and gives users the ability to remember and manage the things they have to complete.

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Google Enhances Gmail Offline Chrome Web App

by arupchou on January 14, 2012

Search engine giant Google has enhanced capabilities for its offline Gmail web app for Chrome by adding a settings page and providing Offline Gmail Logobetter attachment functionality along with keyboard shortcut support. Offline email support is great for users who need access and respond to emails even when not connected to the internet. It is to be noted that Google had unveiled the new offline Gmail in August and Google has already built like functions for Calendar and Docs apps. [click to continue…]

ezAutoCorrect for Gmail Chrome Extension:Auto-Correct Typos In GMail

by arupchou on September 27, 2011

How many times, wrong typos in your email have caused you embarrassment? Would not have it been better, if just like smartphone’s auto-correction technique, you can auto correct spellings in your Gmail. ezAutoCorrect for Gmail is a Chrome extension which will correct some of your most common spelling mistakes. Although the dictionary is limited as of now, the extension corrects some of your most common spelling mistakes. One of the great features of the extension is that it no longer requires input from you. This effectively rules out right-click dictionary for your typos. [click to continue…]


Access Gmail Offline In Chrome Via Gmail Offline App

by arupchou on September 1, 2011

In a move which I believe will propel the sales of ChromeBooks, users of Chrome browser now will be able to access Gmail even when they are Chrome Browsernot connected to the internet. Not only this, similar offline capabilities for Docs and Calendar are expected to arrive in coming weeks. For using Gmail and other facilities offline, users need to first install separate individual offline-access apps from the Chrome Web store and add them to their Chrome browser. While the Gmail app is known as Gmail Offline, Docs and Calendar will have their separate offline access apps.

Before this change, users could access Gmail and other services of Google only when they were connected to the internet. Users can read and write an email when they are offline. They can also see as well as edit calendars offline. Though offline editing of Google Docs does not work as of now, users can view their spreadsheets offline. The changes were anticipated ever since Google came up with ChromeBooks during its I/O conference held in May. [click to continue…]


Chrome To Encrypt Gmail

by arupchou on June 16, 2011

In recent times, Gmail has been a preferred target for hackers particularly from China. Recently Google claimed that Chinese hackers Chrome 13hacked Gmail accounts of several administrative officials of the White House. In order to counter the threat, Google has modified the Chrome browser in such a manner that it will always encrypt connections with e-mail services.

If you see “https” in the address bar of Chrome browser be rest assured that your Gmail is safe.  Now Chrome prevents unencrypted version of Chrome which could have been accessed by “”. In the blog post, Google programmers said that for Chromium 13, all connections to Gmail will be over https.

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Chrome Users Asked To Switch To Older Versions Of Browsers To Enjoy Offline Gmail Support

by arupchou on May 27, 2011

Search engine giant Google has asked Chrome users to get back to outdated version of Internet Explorer (IE) and Mozilla Firefox if they Gmail Logowant to access Gmail offline. On Tuesday, offline support of Gmail was withdrawn for Chrome, IE 9, Firefox 4, Safari and Opera. At present the stable version of Chrome is Chrome 11, which even does not run Gmail offline. It is to be noted that Google had announced Gmail’s offline shut off a couple of months ago in its push to switch from Gears to HTML5.

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by Abhinab Choudhury on May 19, 2011

Before we start how to sync, we should know what sync really is and what are its uses and advantages. After Google introduced Chrome into the market, they have been constantly trying to bind up almost all its features so that an interoperable hassle free user experience is achieved. Let us see how it can be done.

Go to settings button in the far right of the Chrome panel and select “Options”.


On the left side of the Chrome view you will find a tab as “Personal stuff”. Select it and browse through “set up sync” option.


Now you will be asked to enter your Gmail username and password. Just enter your information and press “Sign In”.


Now you will be asked on how and what to save the files and Chrome settings. Select all the necessary options you want to utilize.


Again, the Chrome provides you with two types of authentications, normal Gmail authentication and passphrase authentication method, in case you want to be more secured in using cross application settings. Press Enter and then you are done synchronizing your Chrome browser to your Google account.


Now whenever you will update your themes and other bookmarks and other stuffs to your Chrome browser your settings will be automatically synced to your Gmail account. Now if you want to transfer all your settings to your office PC or another laptop temporarily or permanently you can achieve it easily via this function.

P.S: Just note that you should not use this in public systems or cyber café and if you have done this, just remember to use “Remove Synched Data”, to flush out all your personal data before you leave that system.

Desktop Notifications For Gmail Launched By Google

by arupchou on January 31, 2011

Chrome Browser users have another reason to rejoice. The search engine giant has made a simple yet effective addition to Chrome Chrome Browser Imagebrowser. It has introduced desktop notifications for emails and chat messages which ensure that users get notified of new emails or pings through Gmail and GTalk without actually going back to your Gmail account.

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Google Introduces Infinity New Tab Extension for Chrome

by Chrome Blog on December 15, 2014

Recently Google has introduced a cloud application platform for Chrome, which it calls Infinity New Tab. This Chrome extension can run even without Internet connection and enables you to make use of Chrome more easily and elegantly. You can redefine the “New Tab Page” with this powerful extension as it offers new features including

  • Cloud Sync
  • Addition of favorite websites at your will
  • Unparalleled smooth experience
  • Speed Dial with Rapid Start

Infinity New Tab Extension Picture

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‘OK Google’ Voice Search Control for Chrome OS

by Sagnik Roy on May 22, 2014

The web giant, Google has recently added a voice search command to launch searches in its Chrome OS. The latest update (version 35) introduces search capabilities for new tabs or Google search pages using the hot-word ‘OK Google’. This can turn out to be a very interesting and functional service for people to initiate searches while travelling, cooking or in general when people are lazy! [click to continue…]

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