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Weekly Round Up – 6 Latest Extensions, Addons Released For Chrome

by Chrome Blog on October 4, 2009

Here is our weekly round-up of some of the extensions, addons or plugins as you may call which were released for the Google Chrome browser over the week gone by.


tab search

It is a very useful extension if you keep a lot of tabs open at once. Basically this extension allows you to go through a list of tabs which are open in a single small pop-up and select the one you were searching for. Well not sure how many of you would find it useful but certainly a nice addition for your Chrome.

Download TabSearch


Scroll in Google Chrome by simply using a touch based user interface.  Once the extension is installed, one-click anywhere on the page would enable the scroll mode and then you just need to move your mouse up or down to scroll. Clicking again would disable the scroll mode. Though the extension is a bit buggy around text area and some image area but as like most other extensions, it is improving quickly.

Download ChromeTouch

Web Developer Mini

web developer mini

This cannot be called as a replacement of Firebug plugin in firefox, but certainly, has got some primitive aspects of it. Its a toolstrip extension which shows you the html and css of the page you browsing. Still in development so you can expect more  features and changes on it.

Download WebDeveloper Mini

Nofollow Checker

Its an important feature which many SEO guys and Webmasters on our forum were requesting to get for Google Chrome. Basically it highlights the Nofollow Links (rel=”nofollow” attribute) on the website you currently browsing. It might seem to be useless  for general users but is a must have for all the webmasters and SEO specialists. I personally use it as well.

Download Nofollow Checker

IMacros For Chrome

imacros chrome

This is a very popular extension on firefox which has been released for Chrome recently. The developers say “Record and Replay repetitious work”. What is does is automate your regular jobs which you do with your browser such as visiting particulat sites, remembering passwords, filling out forms, etc. The extension is still in testing period and so its advisable not to use it to store any critical passwords as such.

Download IMacros For Chrome

Tabs To The Front

As the name suggests, it sets the new tabs to open on the left side as against the default right side. Not really that useful in my opinion but certainly worth taking a look as it brings the tab to the front.

Download Tabs To The Front

Let us know how you liked the extensions we listed above. And ofcourse make sure to participate on our Google Chrome Support Forums if you have any queries or if you want to help out others.


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