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How To Stop Google Chrome From Sharing Data With Google

by Sagnik Roy on May 21, 2014

Google Chrome is undoubtedly one of the fastest browsers and has a horde of customizable features for users to make their browsing experience interesting and convenient. But in the process of doing so, Google Chrome is capable of and does send every kind of data entered by users back to Google. This is the main reason behind a faster working of the browser, but users should also be aware of the data being shared by Chrome or how to stop Chrome from doing that. [click to continue...]


How To Export Bookmarks From Google Chrome

by Sagnik Roy on May 16, 2014

Bookmarks saved in Google Chrome can be easily transferred to other browsers which come in very handy for users who work on different browsers and switch them very frequently. These bookmarks can also be saved as a bookmark file and shared with others on different computers. Let’s see a step by step process on how to export bookmarks from Google Chrome and accessed in a number of other browsers. [click to continue...]


Tweak To Boost Up Chrome Browser Speed in Android

by Sagnik Roy on May 15, 2014

A secret setting tweak lets Android users boost the speed of Google Chrome browser in their smart phones. By changing how much memory is being allocated to a particular app, users can improve speed of sluggish, slow-loading chrome pages and a Reddit user explains how. [click to continue...]


Top 5 Google Chrome extensions for Screen capturing

by Sagnik Roy on May 5, 2014

Screenshots are basically the images captured by a computer to display its components on screen. This makes presentations with illustrations very handy. It can be used to demonstrate any working of softwares, hardwares or technical issues for better understanding. It is also very useful for troubleshooting errors. Google Chrome’s store has a horde of extensions which bring users this facility of screen capturing with a lot of other options too. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Chrome extensions for taking screenshots. [click to continue...]


Chrome Makes Data Compression Feature Available to Select iOS Users

by S.Roy on September 16, 2013

Select iOS users are now being offered data compression feature in the Chrome browser. In iOS devices, the feature allows Google apps integration and saves bandwidth by use of proxy servers of Google. However, Chrome Beta is not available to iOS users, as of now.

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Chrome 29 Comes with Omnibox Suggestions and other Enhancements

by S.Roy on August 22, 2013

The Omnibox has

always been a cool search feature in the Chrome browser. Now, Chrome 29 has gone a step beyond to offer users better auto-suggestion in the Omnibox based on the recency of sites that have been visited. This is aimed at making suggestions more well-timed and contextually relevant.

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Vulnerability in Google Chrome Allows Password Access to Hackers

by S.Roy on August 8, 2013

It is well-known that most web browsers can be compromised, albeit to some extent, by users with malicious intent. But a shocking discovery of a security flaw in the Google Chrome browser has brought to light that only a few mouse clicks can let anyone access all saved passwords in a list.

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Chrome for Android Has a Stable Update with Improved Features

by S.Roy on July 16, 2013

On Wednesday, Google announced the stable update for Chrome for Android. According to the company, the latest version would come with more than one enhancement that users of Android devices would love and appreciate.

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After Android, Google Now Comes to Chrome Browser

by S.Roy on June 28, 2013

An ambitious project, Google Now is designed to prompt users to find information even before asking for it, such as scores for a soccer match or directions for a nearest restaurant. Android users are quite acquainted with the service but it is for the first time that Google Now will be coming to the Chrome browser as well. In Chrome, the service can – among other things – provide users with information about the TV shows they are watching and sales offers they are interested in.

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Stop Google Ads from Tracking Your Web Activities

by S.Roy on June 18, 2013

There has recently been a concern over the report that Google and various advertisers have managed to serve targeted ads by bypassing the privacy settings of users and foregoing third-party cookie policies. The report led to a resentment among consumers as well as privacy advocates. Google and advertising firms have agreed to abide by a do-not-track policy that is going to see light at the end of the year. But if you cannot wait that long, there is a solution from Google that would let you not to be followed by relentless ad programs.

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