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Top 5 Google Chrome extensions for Screen capturing

by Sagnik Roy on May 5, 2014

Screenshots are basically the images captured by a computer to display its components on screen. This makes presentations with illustrations very handy. It can be used to demonstrate any working of softwares, hardwares or technical issues for better understanding. It is also very useful for troubleshooting errors. Google Chrome’s store has a horde of extensions which bring users this facility of screen capturing with a lot of other options too. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Chrome extensions for taking screenshots. [click to continue…]


Tampermonkey (Greasemonkey for Chrome)

by Abhinab Choudhury on June 5, 2012

Tampermonkey is an all in one user script manager for Google Chrome. This is a simple add-on to the Chrome which allows you to change the look and feel of a website inside your browser. It is also sometime referred to as Greasemonkey for Chrome.

Tampermonkey Extension for Chrome

Tampermonkey Chrome

If you have enjoyed Greasemonkey scripts on Firfox and you are mising the fun for Chrome, Tampermonkey is all set to make you smile again. Tampermonkey now offers you to use almost thousands of Greasemonkey scripts which earlier failed to load inside Chrome.

The background code and the pages can be controlled with this script addon and you can easily customize the loading pages. None of the codes are changed in reality but the Tampermonkey add on enables the browser to easily customize the functionality according to your requirement.
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Google Chrome Vs Internet Explorer

by Abhinab Choudhury on April 21, 2012

There was a time when people did not know any browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer but now the times have changed. Google Chrome came as a surprise package for every browser enthusiasts. It has all the security feature which Firefox can brag about and additional features for design and customizations. Let us find out how the Internet Explorer started losing the game and how Chrome made the tables turn.

Internet Explorer Vs Firefox

Way back in early 2000, the first challenge was put forward to Internet Explorer from the open source browser – Firefox. Internet Explorer Vs Firefox was seen as the next big hustle as it made people think about why stick to something which has failed to adapt to the changing environment. Internet Explorer has not seen any major change to the interface or working structure since IE v6. May be they did bring in newer versions but it had nothing which appealed to the mass audience. On the other hand Firefox provided many tweaks and custom options to its users to suit their mode of working.

Introduction of Chrome

By the late 2000 it was almost clear that users needed better looking browser with greater sense of security and customization. No soon Google came up with Chrome from behind the curtain. The initial dev build were full of bugs and errors but it attracted swarms of developers from all across the internet community. Being open source and getting support from the Google developers Chrome started to recover fast. By dev version 4 it had already hijacked significant amount of market share. [click to continue…]

Plants Vs Zombies

by Abhinab Choudhury on October 22, 2011

The game,Plant Vs Zombies, is being played by people of all age irrespective of their intellectual level. This is quite addictive and the day I was asked to write a review about this, I decided to give it a shot and at the end of the day the article was delayed by 4 hours. Not because I was wondering what to write about but I lost to keep a tab on time as I was additively playing it for about 2 hours before I was asked by my proofreader to submit it as it was time to wrap up all days work. [click to continue…]


How To Block Images From Particular Websites In Google Chrome

by arupchou on August 5, 2011

Yesterday I opened a website and faced difficulty in reading the text as large images kept on scrolling by it. It was a great pain for me to go through the text as the images kept in flashing. But i learnt that Google Chrome offers ways as to how i can block individual sites flashing these images which i am sharing with you all.

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Chrome To Alert Users Of Malicious Software Downloading

by arupchou on April 6, 2011

Safe browsing has been one of the hallmarks of the Chrome browser and now Google seeks to further enhance that feature by Google Chromeoffering a feature for the Chrome browser which has been designed in a manner to protect users from Windows malware. In the Chromium blog it is said that the new feature which will be integrated with Chrome will show a warning when a user tries to download a file which is supposed to be malicious. This feature will warn users when they tend to visit website which has Trojans in disguise as screen savers or any other applications.

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Picnik Photo Editor App – Review, Features and Free Download

by arupchou on December 21, 2010

Over the years, Picnik has become one of the most sought after online image editing program which comprises of thousands of tools Picnik Photo Editor Imagewhich lets you improve the quality of your pictures. Picnik Photo Editor boasts of several filters and effects which allows you to add style statement in your photographs. You can install this application for free from the Google Chrome Web Store. Read on to know more about this amazing online photo editing program.

Picnik Photo Editor App Review

Picnik Photo Editor App integrates seamlessly with popular photo sharing and social networking sites. The app is loaded with various visual and textual features which further helps you to  personalize your photographs. So if you do not wish to spend bucks on purchasing a photo editing software, but wish to add splendid touch to your photographs, the picnik photo editor is the one for you.

Features of Picnik Photo Editor App

The software is equipped with all the basic tools which allow you to crop, resize, sharpen and rotate a picture. One of the hallmarks of the software is the offering of creative page design features like photo collage and scrapbooking options. Some of the other exquisite features of the application are

• The app has plug-in for major browsers(Internet Explorer, Firefox etc)
• Fast and efficient flash coding.
• The photos you edit can be saved in your machine at full resolution.

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Google Gives First Look of Its Chrome OS

by Chrome Blog on November 20, 2009

Google announced in July this year that they were working on a new Operating System, Google Chrome OS and today they released its source code and also outlined some of its features and what keeps it apart from the other operating systems.

google chrome os

Pricing, Release Date & Speed

Though, Google released the source code of their Chrome OS, a finished and complete Google Chrome OS would be available for the general consumers only after a year from now. It is interesting to note that Google wont be providing its OS to be downloaded for installation on any computer, instead it would run on computers with specific hardware which would save a lot of boot time by skipping a lot of hardware checking steps.

Google emphasized that they would be pushing the manufacturers to develop notebooks with larger keypads and mousepads along with better display. Although, they did not gave any pricing hints for their Google Chrome OS, but said that the notebooks would be released as around the same prices as we see today.

If the speed of Google Chrome Browser is any indication to go by, topped by the live boot up time as Google showed earlier today, Google Chrome OS would be super fast as compared to other operating systems. The project head for Chome OS mentioned a 7 seconds Boot-up time, now that’s really fast.

chrome os vs rest

Google Chrome OS : Interesting Notes

  • Every application a web-application in Google Chrome OS : There are no conventional or traditional application in Chrome OS. All the applications are a web application, a url, a link.
  • It has been assumed that Google Chrome OS would be integrated with your Google Account, this would enable users to login to their computer using other netbooks which run Chrome OS.
  • Google Chrome browser would run faster on Google Chrome OS than on a Mac or Windows since Google has re-done the browser for its OS.
  • Everything Online : This is the thing which made head turns when Google first announced its Chrome OS plans earlier this year. Although, it is not clear as to what sorts of applications would be available on Chrome OS, but by the looks of it i guess it “only” suitable for people who are “online” round the clock. Every settings on your netbook, whether its notepad or wifi settings everything would be backed up in your Google Account.

Since everything is on the cloud, there are many concerns which were raised such as printer’s support and other hardware support. Google assured us that Google Chrome OS would definitely be able to print but would take a “more innovative approach’ for supporting printers.

As was announced earlier, Google said they were at present only focused on releasing the OS on netbooks, and depending on its success, they would also impart it to laptops and desktops.

Our Take

I personally like almost all the Google Products. Going by the information available so far on this new Chrome OS, i think it would be a real time saver for users who are Google savvy and use it for all the needs. If Google entirely links it with its Google Account then their might be some resistance by a section of users who are not using Google much, apart from searching. One more issue might be the security aspects, since all thing is done online using your Google Account, if by any chance the account gets hacked or you loose password or something, it can lead to disaster. I am sure security is main aspect at which guys over at Google would be looking at.

For more “official” screenshots head to Gizmodo.

Google Chrome OS Event


List of Useful Add-Ons For Google Chrome Using Bookmarklets

by Chrome Blog on January 4, 2009

As we all know that Google took Chrome out of beta almost a month back, but still there is a strong feeling that there is a long way to go for the browser if it has to compete with other browers such as Firefox.  With the lack of RSS Support features, lack of API’s for add-ons and plugins, and no official version of the browser for Mac and Linux, it would take time before users fully switch to Google Chrome.

Although Chrome’s lacking of such basic features, its lightweight surfing, speedy browsing and easy feel has attracted a lot of people to it. Everyday more and more users are starting to use Google Chrome, though we cant say how many are using Google Chrome as a standalone browser.

Last month Google had announced its plans to release Extensions and Plugins support for Google Chrome, shortly, unfortunately, no one knows when it is going to be released now that 1 month has passed. But till then, there ways to atleast simulate the use of browser extensions. This is done using bookmarklets which are small pieces of javascript code which one can easily add to Chrome’s bookmark toolbar.

Google Chrome Bookmarklets

We have listed some of the most handy bookmarklets for Chrome which many of the users would find beneficial. You might already see many of the bookmarklets being written about in our Google Chrome Forum. We had also developed the Google Chrome Toolbar using such Bookmarklets a while back and got about 75k hits to it already.

HOW TO USE: To use the bookmarklets mentioned below,  you just need to drag & drop the link onto the bookmarks bar of your Chrome Browser.

  • Share in Google Reader – Share the web page you are browsing using Google’s RSS Reader.
  • Note This in Google Reader – It lets you share the item while adding a note with it.
  • Stumble it – Stumble a web page that you liked.
  • Gmail This – Mail any page using Gmail. For Google Apps Mail, try this instead. (You will need to replace “” with your own domain name).
  • Linkify – Make all plain text URL’s on a webpage into clickable hyperlinks.
  • Take Screenshot – Takes a screenshot using WebShotsPro.
  • Socialize – Submits a blog post from Google Chrome to more than 50 social bookmarking website with just a few clicks.

    Social Google Chrome

  • Google Pagerank – Check Pagerank of any Webpage by clicking on it. This is so far the best alternative to check PR of a site untill any Google Toolbar is lauched for Chrome.
  • Translate – Translate any webpage to English without needing to know the source language.
  • Technorati Rank – Check Technorati Rank, Blog Reactions and Authority of the website you are on.
  • Twitter now – Click on it to update your Twitter account. You will get a pop-up which lets you update your twitter status &check messages.
  • Alexa Rank – Check the alexa rank of the website you are on.
  • Tumblelog – Lets you quickly post to your tumblelog if you have a Tumblr Blog.
  • Dictionary – Look up words in the dictionary. If you are a fan of Thesaurus, then use this Thesaurus. Another, similar bookmarklet called Reference is also available.
  • Post to – Post your favorite pictures to the photo-sharing website
  • Share on FriendFeed – Share a link in social media lifestreaming site FriendFeed.
  • Digg – Diggs a webpage.
  • Google Bookmark – Bookmarks a page using Google’s own Google Bookmarks service.
  • Delicious – Save a page to social bookmarking site delicious.
  • Adblock+ – Removes java, flash, background music and third-party iframes. It won’t render properly on this page for some reason, but you can grab it from the original site.

If you would like to see any additions to this list of Bookmarlets do let us know by leaving your valuable comments.

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Chrome Extensions Coming Soon!

by Chrome Blog on December 4, 2008

The Chromium folk have published a document detailing information about the long awaited ability to extend Chrome with user selected Extensions/Addons like FireFox.

This is excellent news, feedback here at points to many people not adopting Chrome as their default browser due to the lack of functionality. Also over 50,000 people have hit our Google Toolbar for Chrome page which enables people to replicate the Google Toolbar and many features of SEOQuake, a popular FireFox addon for web site owners which shows a “Google Baked” solution is needed.

The Chromium document went on to state:

“Chromium can’t be everything to all people.  People use web browsers in a variety of environments and for a wide variety of jobs.  Personal tastes and needs vary widely from one user to the next.  The feature needs of one person often conflict directly with those of another. 

Further, one of the design goals of Chromium is to have a minimal light-weight user interface, which itself conflicts with adding lots of features.
User-created extensions have been proposed to solve these problems:”

  • The addition of features that have specific or limited appeal (“that would be great as an extension”).
  • Users coming from other browsers who are used to certain extensions that they can’t live without.
  • Bundling partners who would like to add features to Chromium specific to their bundle.

A few points to note under the “Goals” section are as follows:

  • Web developers should be able to easily create Chromium extensions
  • Eventually, it should be possible to implement major chunks of Chromium itself as extensions.
  • We should not need to disable deployed extensions when we release new versions of Chromium.
  • Extensions should not be able to crash or hang the browser process.
  • We must be able to blacklist extensions across all Chromium installations
  • Extensions should work the same in Chromium as in Google Chrome.

One interesting point is Google being able to blacklist extensions across all installations, which indicates either the browser reporting it’s exact configuration back to HQ or Google being able to push out blacklist data preventing the extension from running. Also interesting is the ability to implement major chunks of Chrome as extensions themselves.

The following lists some types of extensions that Chrome/Chromium would like to eventually support:

  • Bookmarking/navigation tools: Delicious Toolbar, Stumbleupon, web-based history, new tab page clipboard accelerators
  • Content enhancements: Skype extension (clickable phone numbers), RealPlayer extension (save video), Autolink (generic microformat data – addresses, phone numbers, etc.)
  • Content filtering: Adblock, Flashblock, Privacy control, Parental control
  • Download helpers: video helpers, download accelerators, DownThemAll, FlashGot
  • Features: ForecastFox, FoxyTunes, Web Of Trust, GooglePreview, BugMeNot

Yes you read correctly, Adblock which is something many people were concerned about with Google relying heavily on advertising revenue that Chrome wouldn’t allow/support this. Fear no longer, it’s on the drawing board.. But will Google allow blocking of other ads, but “nuke” extensions that block Adsense?

I don’t think so, if someone goes out of their way to block ads with extensions there’s a damn good chance they won’t click on them anyway so showing ads to these people will effectively just inflate impressions and skew stats.

They also go on to say “Extensions will run in their own origin”  meaning in their own process and separate from web content. This means installing, uninstalling or disabling extensions will not require a browser restart like the current FireFox system which is good news. Also they state it will be a simple 2 click affair, one click to download the extension and one to confirm the install via a dialogue box.


“Similar to Google Chrome, it is important for security that extensions be able to silently update. This should be a capability that is present for all extensions by default, not something the author has to plan for.”

So given the fact extensions can be installed without a browser restart, it appears security updates will be done silently in the background. Also due to the goal of Chrome version upgrades not impacting extensions, we should be virtually free of compatibility issues which leave us without our favorite extension while the author upgrades it.

So what’s next in the evolution of Chrome and Extensions?

“Our first milestone will be to implement a functioning extension system that can support content scripts. The majority of the work will be the infrastructure, including:”

  • packaging and signing
  • installation
  • autoupdate
  • management and removal
  • blacklisting
  • web service

“Once we have content scripts working, we can move on to additional types of extensibility like toolbars, sidebars, etc.”

Considering the latest Chromium build has Greasemonkey implementation, the infrastructure points listed above are no doubt being fine tuned as we speak. After that is polished, i’d say the next big step forwards will be Chrome users sporting a shiny new Google Toolbar.

See the Full Document


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