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Webpage Screenshot Chrome Extension – Review, Features And Free Download

by arupchou on May 9, 2011

Webpage Screenshot is one of the most handy extensions which allows you to take full webpage screenshots. Taking ful lpage screenshots can be a Webpage Screenshottedious task and may often require to install a complete program to do so. But thanks to Webpage Screenshot chrome extension, users are not required to install complete webpage screenshot program. Read on the Webpage Screenshot review to know more about this extension.

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Mac Users Give A Smile, First Screenshot Of Chrome Is Here

by Chrome Blog on February 14, 2009

Google Chrome, the much talked about internet browser will also make Mac and Linux users happy. This chrome, which was launched last year in the month of September as Windows version was put to question by Mac and Linux users. To make it available to these users, the developer of Chrome started further working on it soon after the launch of the Windows version. As an aftermath, today there are some visible results.

Mac Chrome Screen

A document page of Google Chrome’s site enlists all the remaining features that are required to be implemented. This document page of Chrome is a guide to organize and coordinate the efforts to avail the browser window up and to make it run on Mac and Linux with the use of most of the codes that are available there. This document of Google says that their “goal is to get a double-clickable app with a working browser window using the real multi-process infrastructure (not TestShell) by mid-February.”

In one of the pages of Google group, Mike “Pink” Pinkerton, an American software developer known for his work on the Mozilla browsers, gives more details about the Macport that is going to be launched before the Linux version. According to him the developers, early this week, made a list of the key classes on the critical path to getting a renderer launching and also at the same time showing bits on the screen. He adds,

Our goal was to have a renderer being spawned by launching the browser by the end of this week.

Pinkerton says that they have hit the goal of rendering processes launched one day early. They have launched a new renderer with each tab and when this tab is closed then the renderer goes away. One can find it coming and going in Activity Monitory. He mentions,

All this goes through the cross-platform infrastructure with a Cocoa front-end.

Below is another of Mac Chrome accredited to Mike Pinkerton.

First Mac Chrome Page

Pinkerton reminds, “Just open a new tab and keep going! It’s important to point out that’s part of what’s taken us so long to get to this point. The WebKit that ships as part of Mac OS X can’t run this way — it took a lot of work to marshall it to do so. In addition, the UI clearly needs much love, but it’s an indicator of the clean and simple direction we’re heading.”

If we read the Mac Detailed Status section then we will come to know that the new goal of the team is to have a multi-process browser by the end of March.

In the Build Instructions the page reads that currently the Mac build is a work in progressa. It also reads, “The TestShell project builds and is able to render web pages, and this area is currently under active development, but work has yet to begin on the user interface of the main Chromium application.”


Top 5 Google Chrome extensions for Screen capturing

by Sagnik Roy on May 5, 2014

Screenshots are basically the images captured by a computer to display its components on screen. This makes presentations with illustrations very handy. It can be used to demonstrate any working of softwares, hardwares or technical issues for better understanding. It is also very useful for troubleshooting errors. Google Chrome’s store has a horde of extensions which bring users this facility of screen capturing with a lot of other options too. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Chrome extensions for taking screenshots. [click to continue…]


Google Brings Out 'No Miley' Extension for Chrome Users

by S.Roy on September 13, 2013

Google has introduced a new plug-in that blocks Miley Cyrus-related words from web pages. Named as “No Cyrus”, the extension prevents any mention of the pop sensation, including her outrageous comments that irk many users. [click to continue…]

Google Launches Chrome Beta 30 for Multiple Platforms

by S.Roy on August 23, 2013

Google has announced the release of Chrome 30 beta for a number of platforms like Windows, Android, Linux and Mac. The beta version comes with new APIs and gestures as well as an easier “search by image” which is its highlight.

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Google Chrome is set to Arrive with Parental Controls

by S.Roy on August 20, 2013

Not content with buying suggestions from hackers and developers, Google seems to have taken its security concerns for the Chrome browser one step ahead. This time, the tech biggie has implemented a move to control internet accessibility for children – which is sure to be good news to parents.

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Vulnerability in Google Chrome Allows Password Access to Hackers

by S.Roy on August 8, 2013

It is well-known that most web browsers can be compromised, albeit to some extent, by users with malicious intent. But a shocking discovery of a security flaw in the Google Chrome browser has brought to light that only a few mouse clicks can let anyone access all saved passwords in a list.

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Chrome App Launcher Comes to Windows

by S.Roy on July 20, 2013

After months of deliberation, Google has finally released the Chrome App Launcher in the stable version of the Chrome browser for Windows devices. The new feature has been first spotted by Engadget and it helps users launch any Chrome Web app or packaged app directly from the Windows taskbar, even when Chrome is not open.

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Chromoting Remote App Soon to Arrive for Android

by S.Roy on July 19, 2013

Google is reportedly working on a remote desktop app for Chrome for Android. The neat little program is supposed to give users the power to access other systems or even let another user access their computer over the web. The program has been named “Chromoting” and is likely to be offered as a mobile version of the Chrome Remote Desktop which is already available.

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Google Releases Chrome OS 28 Stable Channel

by S.Roy on July 13, 2013

Google has released Chrome OS 28, the latest version of its Chrome operating system, this week and the newest build comes with various tweaks, features and enhancements.

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