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Googlepedia Extension For Chrome – Get Wikipedia Articles Along Search Results

by Chrome Blog on May 14, 2009

I finally got this Googlepedia Plugin working on my Google Chrome. Its developer, James Hall had emailed me sometime ago about it but i was not able to get this working. Now with the latest Google Dev Update the Google Team has really improved the extensions framework by atleast a 100 times by implementing an extensions window and tabbing of API events and a lot of other stuff.

GooglePedia Plugin For Chrome

Coming back to Googlepedia Extension, this was originally built for Mozilla Firefox and was then adapted to other browsers and finally to Google Chrome.  Once the plugin is installed, it shows you a relevant Wikipedia article along with your google search results and clicking on the links in the article triggers new google searches.


  • Internal Wikipedia links turned into Google search links.
  • Images linked directly to their full-sized versions.
  • Removes the Sponsored Results in Google Search.
  • Ability to Expand, Shrink and Disable the Plugin using inbuilt buttons.
Googlepedia on chrome
Click On the Image To Get a Better View

Installation Instructions

It is to be kept in mind that Chrome Extensions are still in beta and are not fully supported and thus only available in the Dev Channel. In order install the plugin/extension please read the following instructions:

  • Download the Chrome Channel Switcher if you are not already a dev channel user
  • Save/Run the application and change your channel to ‘Dev’.
  • Start Google Chrome & Click the ‘Wrench’ icon, then ‘About’ and then ‘Check For Updates’ and wait for the update to finish. This would get the latest Dev Version of Chrome installed.
  • Close the Chrome window, Add ––enable-extensions to your Chrome command line by right clicking on Chrome application shortcut;  as in image and restart Chrome again.
chrome extensions command line
  • Download the extension by clicking here [download id=”6″ format=”1″]
  • Open The Extension (if google chrome does not automatically opens it), a window will open asking for installation confirmation. Click on ‘OK’.
chrome extension window
  • Now your extension has been installed. To confirm just do a search in google and you would see the wikipedia article panel on the right (as in the image illustration)

I hope you guys like this. This is just a modest beginning i am sure as the extensions framework is improved an improving with every update more and more such cool plugins would be released.

If you are a developer and have made any plugin/extension/add-on or software for Google Chrome browser and want it to be show-cased on our premier google chrome resource site then feel free to contact us.

List of Useful Add-Ons For Google Chrome Using Bookmarklets

by Chrome Blog on January 4, 2009

As we all know that Google took Chrome out of beta almost a month back, but still there is a strong feeling that there is a long way to go for the browser if it has to compete with other browers such as Firefox.  With the lack of RSS Support features, lack of API’s for add-ons and plugins, and no official version of the browser for Mac and Linux, it would take time before users fully switch to Google Chrome.

Although Chrome’s lacking of such basic features, its lightweight surfing, speedy browsing and easy feel has attracted a lot of people to it. Everyday more and more users are starting to use Google Chrome, though we cant say how many are using Google Chrome as a standalone browser.

Last month Google had announced its plans to release Extensions and Plugins support for Google Chrome, shortly, unfortunately, no one knows when it is going to be released now that 1 month has passed. But till then, there ways to atleast simulate the use of browser extensions. This is done using bookmarklets which are small pieces of javascript code which one can easily add to Chrome’s bookmark toolbar.

Google Chrome Bookmarklets

We have listed some of the most handy bookmarklets for Chrome which many of the users would find beneficial. You might already see many of the bookmarklets being written about in our Google Chrome Forum. We had also developed the Google Chrome Toolbar using such Bookmarklets a while back and got about 75k hits to it already.

HOW TO USE: To use the bookmarklets mentioned below,  you just need to drag & drop the link onto the bookmarks bar of your Chrome Browser.

  • Share in Google Reader – Share the web page you are browsing using Google’s RSS Reader.
  • Note This in Google Reader – It lets you share the item while adding a note with it.
  • Stumble it – Stumble a web page that you liked.
  • Gmail This – Mail any page using Gmail. For Google Apps Mail, try this instead. (You will need to replace “” with your own domain name).
  • Linkify – Make all plain text URL’s on a webpage into clickable hyperlinks.
  • Take Screenshot – Takes a screenshot using WebShotsPro.
  • Socialize – Submits a blog post from Google Chrome to more than 50 social bookmarking website with just a few clicks.

    Social Google Chrome

  • Google Pagerank – Check Pagerank of any Webpage by clicking on it. This is so far the best alternative to check PR of a site untill any Google Toolbar is lauched for Chrome.
  • Translate – Translate any webpage to English without needing to know the source language.
  • Technorati Rank – Check Technorati Rank, Blog Reactions and Authority of the website you are on.
  • Twitter now – Click on it to update your Twitter account. You will get a pop-up which lets you update your twitter status &check messages.
  • Alexa Rank – Check the alexa rank of the website you are on.
  • Tumblelog – Lets you quickly post to your tumblelog if you have a Tumblr Blog.
  • Dictionary – Look up words in the dictionary. If you are a fan of Thesaurus, then use this Thesaurus. Another, similar bookmarklet called Reference is also available.
  • Post to – Post your favorite pictures to the photo-sharing website
  • Share on FriendFeed – Share a link in social media lifestreaming site FriendFeed.
  • Digg – Diggs a webpage.
  • Google Bookmark – Bookmarks a page using Google’s own Google Bookmarks service.
  • Delicious – Save a page to social bookmarking site delicious.
  • Adblock+ – Removes java, flash, background music and third-party iframes. It won’t render properly on this page for some reason, but you can grab it from the original site.

If you would like to see any additions to this list of Bookmarlets do let us know by leaving your valuable comments.

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